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abate - arroyo


undefined, object
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abscond (v.)
depart secretly and hide
abstemious (adj.)
sparing in eating and drinking
abstruse (adj.)
obscure; profound; difficult to understand
abscission (n.)
cutting off; separation
abrogate (v.)
abnegation (n.)
renunciation; self sacrifice
abjure (v.)
renounce upon oath
abeyance (n.)
suspended action
abate (v.)
subside or moderate
acclivity (n.)
sharp upslope of a hill
accede (v.)
accretion (n.)
growth; increase
actuate (v.)
advent (n.)
adventitious (adj.)
accidental; causal
aerie (n.)
nest of a large bird of prey
affinity (n.)
agglomeration (n.)
collection; heap
aggrandize (v.)
increase or intensify; raise in power, wealth, rank, or honor
aggregate (v.)
gather, accumulate
alacrity (n.)
cheerful promptness; eagerness
alimentary (adj.)
supplying nourishment
allay (v.)
calm; pacify
alluvial (adj.)
pertaining to soil deposits left by running water
ambulatory (adj.)
able to walk; not bedridden
amenable (adj.)
readily managed or willing to b answerable or accountable legally
anathema (n.)
solemn curse; someone or something regarded as a curse
animadversion (n.)
critical remark
animus (n.)
hostile feeling or intent
anodyne (n.)
drug that relieves pain; opiate
antecede (v.)
antediluvian (adj)
antiquated; extremely ancient
aphasia (n.)
loss of speech due to injury or illness
aplomb (n.)
poise; assurance.
apocryphal (adj.)
untrue; made up
apogee (n.)
highest point
apostate (n.)
one who abandons his religous faith or political beliefs
apotheosis (n.)
elevation to odhood; an ideal example of something
apposite (adj.)
appropriate; fitting
apprise (v.)
approbation (n.)
array (v.)
marshal; draw up in order
arrears (n.)
being in debt
arroyo (n.)
aquiline (adj.)
curved, hooked
ancillary (adj.)
serving as an aid or accessory; auxiliary
apologist (n.)
one who writes in defense of a cause or institution
aperture (n.)
opening; hole
apiary (n.)
a place where bees are kept

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