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-Cerebrum; the adult forebrain
-two cerebral hemispheres
Corpus Callosum
-a gigantic fiber bundle of axons connecting the two cerebral hemispheres.
-allows communication between each side.
-obviously white matter
cerebral cortex
superficial layer of the brain; gray matter (nerve cells) surrounding white matter.
Prosencephalon (Telencephalon in adult)
and Diencephalon.
Functions of the Cerebrum
-All intellectual functions;
-Conscious thought processes;
-Memory storage/processing;
-Skeletal muscle contraction regulation.
gyri, sulci, fissures
elevated ridges, shallow depressions, and deeper grooves (respectively) that provide increased surface area on the cerebral hemispheres for additional cortical neurons.
longitudinal fissure
seperates the two cerebral hemispheres;
lateral sulcus
inferior border of frontal lobe; superior border of temporal lobe. extends from central sulcus (middle of head) anteriorly toward face.
insular lobe
island of cortex, deep to the temporal lobe. inferior to frontal lobe.
parieto-occipital sulcus
transverse across back of head, divides the parietal lobe from occipital lobe.
Major sulci or fissures
central sulcus
lateral fissure
parieto-occipital sulcus
calcarine fissure
major gyri
central sulcus
extends lateraly from longitudinal fissure; seperates frontal lobe from parietal lobe (or precentral gyrus from postcentral gyrus; also could be said, seperates motor and sensory portions of the cerebral cortex.
precentral gyrus
-primary motor cortex (surface);
-neurons are pyramidal cells
-direct voluntary movements of body via control of somatic motor neurons in brain stem/spinal cord.
corticospinal pathyway
pyramidal system; pathway that provides voluntary motor control.
postcentral gyrus
primary sensory cortex of cerebral cortex.
-recieve somatic sensory info from the 5 sense receptors; provides continuous awareness of these senses. (collaterals deliver info for to basal nuclei, etc.)

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