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Chapter Four 2


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basium, i
n. kiss
bellum, i
n. war
consilium, i
n. plan, purpose, counsel, advice, jugement, wisdom
cura, ae
f. care, attention, caution, anxiety
donum, i
n. gift, present
magister, i
m. teacher, or schoolmaster
n. nothing (indeclinable)
oculus, i
m. eye
n. duty
otium, i
n.leasure, peace
periculum, i
n. danger, risk
n. cure remedy
bellus, a, um
pretty, handsome, charming
bonus, a, um
good, kind
humanus, a, um
pretaining to man
malus, a, um
bad, wicked, evil
parvus, a, um
small, little
stultus, a, um
foolish, stupid
verus, a, um
true, real, proper
iuvo, ivare, iuvi, iutium
to help, aid, assist; to please
sum, esse, fui, futurum
to be, exist
exitium, i
n. distruction
mora, ae
f. delay

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