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Wheelock Grammar Ch. 7-8


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third declension endings
m/f --, -is, -i, -em, -e
n --, -is, -i, --, -e
plural 3rd declension singular endings
M/F -es, -um, -ibus, -es, ibus
N -a, -um, -ibus, -a, -ibus
conjugate rex, m in third declension singular
rex, regis, regi, regem, rege
conjugate virtus, f, in 3rd dec. s
virtus, virtutis, virtuti, virtutem, virtute
conjugate homo, m, in 3rd dec. s
homo, homimis, homini, hominem, homine
corpus, n conjugate 3rd dec. s.
corpus, corporis, corpori, corpus, corpore
congugate rex, m in 3rd dec. plur.
reges, regum, regibus, reges, regibus
conjugate virtus, f, in 3rd d pl.
virtutes, virtutum, virtutibus, virtutes, virtutibus
conjugate homo, m in 3rd dec. plur.
homines, hominum, hominibus, homines, hominibus
conj. corpus, n, 3rd. dec. pl.
corpora, corporum, corporibus, corpora, corporibus
memory device for remembering present/future conjugations of 3rd conjugation
I(x4)OU other vowels a, e left for future
future indicative active of agere
agam, ages, aget, agemus, agetis, agent
imperfect indicative active of agere
agebam, agebas, agebat, agebamus, agebatis, agebant

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