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Homo sapiens, appear in Africa
400,00 BC
Development of agriculture and domestication of animals
10,000-8,000 BC
Bronze Age in southwestern Asia, Egypt, and Europe
4,000-1,000 BC
First cities established and writing developed in Mesopotamia
4,000-3,000 BC
The wheel invented in Sumer
3,000 BC
Old Kingdom in Egypt
2686-2181 BC
Sargon establishes the first empire in Akkadia in Mesopotamia
2350 BC
Earliest Minoan palaces on Crete
2200 BC
Middle Kingdom in Egypt
2050-1786 BC
Reign of Hammurabi, king of Babylon
1792-1750 BC
Beginning of Hittite kingdom in Anatolia
1750 BC
Hebrews migrate into Egypt
1600-1400 BC
New Kingdom in Egypt
1567-1085 BC
Mycenaeans take over Minoan Crete
1400 BC
Exodus of Hebrews from Egypt
1250 BC
The Near East's Dark Age
1200-1000 BC
Greece's Dark Age
1000-750 BC
Neo-Assyrians create an Empire
900 BC
Traditional date of first Olympic Games in Greece
776 BC
Greeks establish many new settlements around the Mediterranean
775-500 BC
Greeks begin to create city-states
750 BC
Nebuchanezzar II creates Neo-Babylonian Empire, exiles Hebrews to Babylon
605-562 BC
Athenians appoint Solon to recodify theirlaws and try to end social unrest
594 BC
Cyrus founds the Persian Empire
559 BC
Cyrus allows exiled Hebrews to return from Babylon to Palestine
539 BC
Cleisthenes begins to reform Athenian democracy
508 BC

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