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Dr. Ed. Chap 10


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If your car has a live power line on it, what shold you do?
Stay in the car
Should you increase or decrease your folowing distance in the winter?
Is driving a privilege and a responsibility?
How does one practice alert driving?
By concentrating and driving defensively
What is the name of the rule we use to check to see if we are following another vehicle too closely?
The 2 second rule
How do you check to see if you are following a vehicle too closely?
Select a fixed object on the road. When the vehicle in front of you passes it, start counting off seconds (ex: one thousand one, one thousand two). You should not pass the object before saying "one thousand two".
What is tailgating?
Following a vehicle too closely
How much distance should you leave between you and the vehicle in front of you when road or weather conditions are bad?
4 or 5 seconds
What are some things that contribute to safe stopping?
your reaction speed
road conditions
brake type and condition
True or False?

At a railroad crossing with 2 tracks, it is ok to go as soon as the train passes.
True or False?

A driver may drive onto a railroad crossing if there is not enough space for his vehicle to fit on the other side of the tracks.
If you come upon a railroad track that does not have warning signals, what should you do?
Stop, Look, and Listen
Should you ever shift gears on a railroad track?
Should you ever race a train to a crossing?
What should you do when driving in the fog?
have your lights on dim
slow down
drive within your vision
What is meant by the term hydroplane?
to skid on wet pavement
What should you do if you skid?
ease off the gas or brake
steer in the direction of the skid
straighten your vehicle
How should you drive in high winds?
reduse speed
make steering corrections
Is it ok to drive in the winter when your windows are not totally defrosted?
True or False?

In the winter you should start and stop slowly using steady strokes on the brake.
True or False?

Be careful on bridges in the winter because they may remain icy even after the rest of the road is clear.
What are some things you should keep in your car in the winter in case of emergency?
How should you handle a tire blowout?
Ease your foot off the gas.
Grasp the steering wheel firmly.
Do not brake suddenly.
Pull off the road.
If your brakes fail, what should you do?
Pump them to build pressure or use the emrgency brake.

Shift into a lower gear.
IF your headlights fail, what should you do?
Try your emergency flashers and pull off the road
If your gas pedal sticks, what should you do?
Hook your toe under the pedal and try to free it.
If your vision becomes blocked, what should you do?
Roll down the side window.
Put on your emergency flashers.
Pull off the road.
When should you use your headlights?
From dusk until dawn, when it's raining, and when it is difficult for you to see without them or for others to see you.
How far from an oncoming vehicle should you dim your headlights?
500 ft.
How far before overtaking a vehicle should you dim your headlights?
300 ft.
If you have difficulty seeing the road at night, what can you do?
Use the edge lines and center lines to guide you.
If a vehicle is approaching you head on in your lane, what should you do?
slow down, pull to the right, sound your horn
What direction do you turn your wheel when you are in a skid?
In the direction of the skid
If you run off onto the shoulder of the road, what should you do?
grasp the wheel firmly, ease off the gas, brake GENTLY
If your car is on fire, what should you do?
Pull off the road, turn off the engine, move away from the vehicle, call the fire department
If your vehicle sinks in water, what should you do?
move to the back seat, exit through the rear window
If your car has a live power wire on it and you have to get out of the car for some reason, what 2 things do you have to be sure not to touch at the same time?
the vehicle and the ground
What are some signs that you may have carbon monoxide poisoning?
ringing ears
What is carbon monoxide?
A deadly, poisonous gas

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