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ABeka History 11 - Chapter 9 - Section Reviews


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(1.0, 163) How did Thomas Jefferson ease the transition from a Federalist to a Republican Presidency?
Jefferson saw the practicality of much of what the Federalists had established in the national government. He also saw the advantage of winning Federalists to the Republican cause rather than alienating them. Jefferson followed the policies of moderation, building upon the Federalist foundation rather than destroying it. Although Jefferson introduced new policies, he left all of the important Federalist achievements intact.
(1.0, 163) Who was Jefferson's secretary of state?
James Madison
(1.0, 163) Who served as the secretary of the treasury for Thomas Jefferson?
Albert Gallatin
(1.0, 163) What Federalist served as chief justice of the Supreme Court during Jefferson's Presidency?
John Marshall
(1.0, 163) Name the case in which the above chief justice made his most important precedent-setting decision.
Marbury vs. Madison
(2.0, 166) Why were Americans concerned about Napoleon's plans for Louisiana?
Americans were concerned over interference with their access to New Orleans. They also feared that French influence in the West might precipitate war between the United States and France, forcing America to ally herself with the British.
(2.0, 166) Name the country from which the United States purchased the Louisiana Territory.
(2.0, 166) How much money did the United States pay for the Louisiana Territory?
$15 million
(2.0, 166) What two men led the expedition which explored the Louisiana Territory and the land beyond, all the way to the Pacific Coast?
Meriwether Lewis and William Clark
(2.0, 166) Name the Shoshoni squaw who acted as an interpreter and served as a guide for Lewis and Clark?
(2.0, 166) Who explored part of the Louisiana Purchase and then ventured on into the American Southwest?
Zebulon Pike
(3.0, 170) Who served as Jefferson's Vice President and later plotted to create his own empire in the American Southwest?
Aaron Burr
(3.0, 170) What country declared war when the United States refused to pay higher yearly tributes?
(3.0, 170) Name the French decrees that, in effect, cut off all neutral trade with Great Britain.
Berlin and Milan Decrees
(3.0, 170) What was the British practice of forcing sailors into the Royal Navy?
(3.0, 170) Name the act which in effect cut off all American foreign trade.
Embargo Act
(3.0, 170) Explain how Jefferson's Embargo Act nearly destroyed the American economy.
Much of America's growing prosperity had been based on foreign trade; thus, the embargo pulled the base out from under the economy.
(4.0, 178) Who was the fourth President of the United States?
James Madison
(4.0, 178)Name the act which forbade trade with England and France but reopened American commerce with the rest of the world.
Non-Intercourse Act
(4.0, 178) How did Napoleon trap the United States into an open conflict with England?
By revoking the Berlin and Milan Decrees according to the demands of the Macon Bill and thereby forcing America to cut off all trade with Britain.
(4.0, 178) Name the Shawnee chief who led a great confederacy of tribes against white settlers in the West.
(4.0, 178) What governor of the Indiana Territory led a force of troops to victory at the Battle of Tippecanoe?
William Henry Harrison
(4.0, 178) In what ways was America unprepared for war with England in 1812?
Jefferson's policies of frugality had been detrimental to national defense -- the army had only 7,000 and the navy only 16 ships. Massachusetts and Connecticut, in opposition to the war, refused to send their militias. Financing the war also proved to be difficult due to lack of income and money.
(4.0, 178) What was the most important naval engagement on the Great Lakes during the War of 1812?
Battle of Lake Erie
(4.0, 178) What title was given to the U.S.S. Constitution after she destroyed the Java off the coast of Brazil?
Old Ironsides
(4.0, 178) Name the tough frontiersman who defeated the Creek Indians at the Battle of Horseshoe Bend.
Andrew Jackson
(4.0, 178) What treaty ended the War of 1812?
Treaty of Ghent
(4.0, 178) How did the War of 1812 benefit America?
America gained the respect of foreign nations; the war stimulated American industry; the war created a new spirit of nationalism; and the war stimulated western expansion.
(4.0, 178) List Madison's four reasons for declaring war on Great Britain.
impressment of American seamen; violation of American rights within American territorial waters; violation of America's neutral trade rights by the orders in council; the stirring up of frontier Indians

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