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ABeka History 11 - Chapter 8 - Section Reviews


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(1.0, 144) Where was our nation's first capital located?
New York City
(1.0, 144) List the first five members of the Presidential Cabinet with their titles.
Thomas Jefferson, secretary of state; Alexander Hamilton, secretary of the treasury; Henry Knox, secretary of war; Edmund Randolph, attorney general; Samuel Osgood, postmaster general
(1.0, 144) What act of Congress organized a federal court system?
Judiciary Act of 1789
(1.0, 144) Identify the first chief justice of the Supreme Court.
John Jay
(2.0, 148) List and briefly explain the three categories into which Hamilton divided America's national debt.
foreign debt (owed to foreign creditors), domestic debt (owed to American investors), and state debts (assumed by the national government)
(2.0, 148) What is another name for strict interpretation of the Constitution?
strict construction
(2.0, 148) What is another name for loose interpretation of the Constitution?
loose construction
(2.0, 148) What kind of tariffs were implemented to aid American manufacturing by discouraging the importation of certain products?
protective tariffs
(2.0, 148) Upon which product was the first federal excise tax placed?
(2.0, 148) What act of Congress established a mint and provided for the coinage of gold, silver, and copper?
Mint Act of 1792
(2.0, 148) What political party supported a powerful central government?
(2.0, 148) What political party stood for states' rights and against expanding the powers of the federal government?
Democratic-Republicans, Republicans, or Jeffersonian Republicans
(3.0, 152) Who was the absolute monarch overthrown in the French Revolution?
Louis XVI
(3.0, 152) Name the French diplomat who came to America to seek aid for his country.
Citizen Edmond Genet
(3.0, 152) Who was sent by President Washington to negotiate a treaty with the British?
John Jay
(3.0, 152) What treaty settled the disputed boundary between Spanish West Florida and the United States?
Pinckney Treaty
(3.0, 152) Name the battle in which forces under the command of General Anthony Wayne decisively defeated the Indians.
Battle of Fallen Timbers
(4.0, 157) Who was the Federalist candidate for President in the election of 1796?
John Adams
(4.0, 157) Who was the Republican candidate for President in the election of 1796?
Thomas Jefferson
(4.0, 157) Who won the election of 1796?
John Adams
(4.0, 157) Who was elected Vice President in 1796?
Thomas Jefferson
(4.0, 157) Name the situation in which three unofficial French representatives tried to bribe three American commissioners.
XYZ Affair
(4.0, 157) How did the Alien and Sedition Acts provoke a conflict over states' rights?
Kentucky and Virginia passed resolutions against the Alien and Sedition Acts, and they supported this move with the compact theory of government, declaring that the Constitution was a compact made by sovereign states and that each state could judge for itself what acts violated that compact.
(4.0, 157) What two states drew up resolutions condemning the Alien and Sedition Acts?
Kentucky and Virginia
(4.0, 157) Who was elected President in 1800?
Thomas Jefferson
(4.0, 157) What amendment stated that each elector would specify one vote for President and one vote for Vice President?
12th Amendment
(4.0, 157) List the contributions of the Federalists to American government.
The Federalists launched the great Constitutional republic, set the nation on a sound financial basis, established a central government with enough power to hold the Union intact, protected the infant nation from foreign wars, and oversaw the project of relocating the nation's capital in Washington.
(3.0, 152) Name the old fort in Paris which was stormed by French revolutionaries.
the Bastille

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