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ABeka History 11 - Chapter 7 - People


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John Dickinson
led the committee which drafted the Articles of Confederation and proposed them to Congress in 1776
Daniel Shays
a former military officer who led a rebellion of farmers and debtors in western Massachusetts in 1786
Alexander Hamilton
a delegate of New York who attended the Annapolis Convention and the Constitutional Convention
James Madison
a delegate of Virginia who attended the Annapolis Convention and the Constitutional Convention; remembered as the Father of the Constitution
George Washington
former commander of the colonial army; presided over the Constitutional Convention; first President of the United States
Jonathan Dayton
the youngest delegate to the Constitutional Convention
Edmund Randolph
proposed the Virginia Plan to the Convention
William Paterson
presented the New Jersey Plan to the Convention
Noah Webster
the great American educator who wrote "History of the United States."
Isaac Backus
a Baptist leader who became the most influential figure in the long battle for religious freedom in Massachusetts
John Leland
the most influential leader of the Virginia Baptists
Alexis de Tocqueville
Frenchman who came to America in 1831; one of the greatest political thinkers of the Modern Age; published "Democracy in America in 1833."
Benjamin Franklin
great American statesman who attended the Constitutional Convention

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