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ABeka History 11 - Chapter 4 - Terms


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Halfway Covenant
permitted descendants of church members to become church members with full privileges, except for participation in Communion
Methodist Revival
revival of Biblical Christianity in England between 1730 and 1760; begun by John and Charles Wesley
Great Awakening
revival of Biblical Christianity in America between 1730 and 1760; begun by Jonathan Edwards
Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God
the most famous sermon Jonathan Edwards preached
Fort Duquesne
French fort at the fork of the Monongahela and Allegheny rivers
Albany Plan
called for a union of the colonies; proposed by Ben Franklin
Peace of Paris
officially concluded the French and Indian War in 1763
Where and when did the Great Awakening begin?
Northampton, Massachusetts; 1734
Who was colonial America's foremost theologian?
Jonathan Edwards
What were three important, long-lasting results of the Great Awakening?
(1) Thousands of sinners were converted and countless believers were revived; (2) a new missionary spirit was kindled; (3) new colleges were founded; (4) the people were prepared for religious and political freedom
What four colleges grew directly out of the Great Awakening?
Princeton, Brown, Rutgers, Dartmouth
Name the four wars fought between England and France between 1689 and 1763.
(1) King William's War; (2) Queen Anne's War; (3) King George's War; (4) the French and Indian War
Name three English advantages in the French and Indian War.
(1) highly centralized colonial government, (2) well fortified city of Quebec, and (3) alliance of all Indian tribes except Iroquois and Cherokees
Name the French fortress-city that fell to British forces.
Name the three provisions of the Peace of Paris.
(1) France surrendered Canada and all of her territory east of the Mississippi River to England; (2) New Orleans and all French territory west of the Mississippi were granted to Spain; and (3) Spain was forced to give up Florida to Great Britain.
Who led attacks on Beausejour and Ft. St. John?
British General Robert Monckton
Where did Braddock's defeat take place and when?
near Ft. Duquesne in July 1755
Name the battle which took place near Quebec.
Plains of Abraham
What European power claimed part of Alaska?
Which European power controlled the largest portion of North America in 1713? in 1763?
France; England
How did the Halfway Covenant encourage cold, ineffective Christianity?
The Halfway Covenant allowed non-Christians to become church members. Rather than the church changing sinners, sinners started changing the church.
How did the Albany Plan set important precedents for American independence?
The colonies were meeting to work toward a common cause as well as thinking about the idea of defending one another against a mutual enemy.
Compare English and French advantages in the French and Indian War. Who seemed more likely to win? Why?
The English had superior manpower; thriving agriculture, industry, and trade; and control of the high seas. The French had a highly centralized colonial government, the well-fortified city of Quebec, and an alliance with all the Indian tribes except the Iroquois and Cherokees. The English seemed more likely to win because they had a larger, better-equipped army, which also had the support of a powerful navy. All they had to do was overcome their command problems, and William Pitt the Elder took care of that.
How did the Great Awakening strengthen the development of political freedom in America?
Many Americans realized that if men are to have true religious freedom, they cannot be barred from political activity because of their religion; and, if all men are equal in the eyes of God, all men deserve equal justice under the law.
Why did English colonists begin to view themselves as Americans instead of Englishmen?
As spiritual, military, and economic differences arose, the colonists realized they were different from their British kin. As these differences with England grew, the bond between the colonies and England weakened.

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