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ABeka History 11 - Chapter 4 - People


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John and Charles Wesley
English ministers who founded the Methodist denomination
Jonathan Edwards
Congregationalist minister in Northampton, Massachusetts, who sparked the Great Awakening; colonial America's foremost theologian and one of America's greatest intellects.
George Whitefield
English evangelist remembered as the most powerful voice of the Great Awakening.
Phillis Wheatley
the first black female writer in America
David Brainerd
the best-known missionary to the Indians
Governor Dinwiddie
governor of Virginia during the French and Indian War
George Washington
young surveyor and officer in the Virginia militia; fought alongside British troops in the French and Indian War
Benjamin Franklin
proposed the Albany Plan
General Braddock
English general who tried to fight the French and Indians in a European manner against Washington's advice and died in a failed attempt to capture Fort Duquesne
William Pitt the Elder
became prime minister of England in 1757; his leadership brought victory for the British in the French and Indian War
General James Wolfe
led British troops to victory at the Battle of Quebec

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