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Dr. Ed. Ch 4,5,6


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What is the number 1 killer on American roadways?
Is alcohol considered a drug?
What does alcohol do to your reaction time?
Slows it down
What do the initials BAC stand for?
Blood Alcohol Concentration
What BAC percentage is considered legally drunk in Illinois?
How do police check your Blood Alcohol Concentration? List 3 ways.
What to the initials DUI mean?
Driving Under the Influence
Can you be convicted of driving under the influence in Illinois if your blood alcohol concentration is under .08%?
Yes, if your driving is impaired
What is the only way to remove the effects of alcohol in you system?
What affects your blood alcohol concentration?
body weight
the amount you drink
food eaten
What are some illicit drugs can immpair your driving ability?
If you are 21, arrested, and found to have a BAC at or above the legal limit and/or any trace of a controlled drug substance in your body, for how long will your driving privileges be suspended?
at least 3 months
If you are 21 (or above) and refuse to submit to testing, for how long will you driving privileges be suspended?
At least 6 months
What is the penalty for a peson who has been convicted of DUI for the firt time?
Lose license for at least 1 year
Maybe a $2500 fine
Maybe up to 1 year in jail
If convicted of DUI, how long will a person be subject to high-risk insurance rates?
3 years
What is meant by the term "illegal transportation"?
It is illegal for anyone to drink alcohol in a vehicle. It is illegal to have open alcohol in the passenger part of a vehicle.
What is meant by the term "zero tolerence"?
Anyone under 21 found to have a trace of alcohol in his system, will have driving privileges suspended for at least 3 months.
Can you be charged if you allow someone who is under the influence to drive your car if you knew they were under the influence?
You could get a $1000 fine and up to a year in jail.
What is the penalty for providing alcohol to someone who is under 21 years of age?
Up to $1000 fine and up to 1 year in jail
For how long will your driving privileges be revoked if you are under 21 and convicted of DUI?
At least 2 years
When do you have to file a crash report after being in an accident?
If the accident involves death, bodily injury, or damage over $500
If you are involved in an accident with a car that is unattended, what 4 steps should you follow?
1. Stop in an area away from traffic
2. Leave your name, address, phone number, and license plate number on the vehicle
3. Notify police
4. Fill out a crash report
What does the word revokation mean?
Driving privileges have been taken away indefinitely
If your license has been revoked, how long do you have to wait before reapplying for your license?
1 year
What reasons might cause your license to be revoked?
Reckless Homicide
A Felony
Leaving the scene of an accident
Reckless Driving
Drag Racing
Reckless Conduct
Auto Theft
Aggravated Fleeing the Police
What does the word suspension mean?
You have temorarily lost your driving privileges.
What might cause your license to be suspended?
Traffic Crashes
Uninsured Crash
Fail drug/alcohol test
More that 10 unpaid parking violations
Refusal to take a drug/alcohol test
Illegal Transportation
Drug or Sex Offense
School Bus Violation
Failure to appear for traffic citations
Failure to pay child support
Possessing a Fake License
Emissions Violations
What can you use to post bond for minor traffic violations?
Bond Card
A valid driver's license

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