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ABeka Lit 7 - Chap. 2, p. 70-75 - Lead not forth o little shepherd


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(p.70) What is the title of this story?
(p.70) Who was the author of this story?
Eric P. Kelly
(p.70) What does minor mean?
minor key
(p.71) What cleft mean?
(p.71) What does prosaic mean?
dull and ordinarry
(p.71) What does Zakopane mean?
a town on the Czechovakian border.
(p.71) What does lycee mean?
a goverment school which prepares students for the university.
(p.72) What does intervale mean?
low, flat land between hills.
(p.73) What does alpine mean?
for high mountains
(p.75) What does precipitate mean?
very steep
(p.75) What does perforce mean?
by necessity
(p.75) What does pulverized mean?
(p.72) What was father like?
1. Jasek's dad.
2. Warning and caring.
(p.72) What was his brother's like?
1. Jasek's brothers.
2. caring and helpful warning
(p.72) What was Jasek like?
1. a pipe player.
2. sheepherder.
3. caring of the sheep
(p.70) What is the theme?
sheep (us)can always trust the shepherd (God).
(p.70)What was the setting?
in the mountains near Zakopane.
(p.71) What was Wanda like?
1. a sheep.
2. trusting obeying.
3. protective.
(p.70) what significant event led to Jasek being offered a music scholarship?
Jaseks rescue of Wanda by leading her with his music.
(p.70) Who was Tadeus Skarzynski?
director of the Warsaw Philharmonic Orchestra
(p.70) Who was Henryk Sulkowski?
a leading actor in the Krakow Municipal.

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