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ABeka Lit 7 - Chap. 1, p. 19-29 - Alas! Poor Annabelle!


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(p.19)Who was the author of this story?
Carol Ryrie Brink (1895-1981) born in Moscow, Idaho, Where her father was the first mayor. She had no brothers and sisters, and when she was eight, both her parents died. She went to live with her aunt and her grandmother, whose name was Caddie Woodhouse. At Granny's house she had all sorts of pets- dogs, cats, chickens, and a pony. Carol always planned to write books when she grew up. After she went to collage, she married and settled in Minnesota. Later she began to write stories for her two children. Caddie Woodlawn is based on stories of her grandmother's childhood.
(p.19) What is the title of this story?
Alas! Poor Annabelle!
(p.21) Where does this story take place?
On her aunt's farm in Wisconsin
(p.19)What is the theme of this story?
learning a lesson in jealousy
(p.19) Who is caddie?
1. Annabelle's cousin.
2. a tomboy.
3. jealous of annabelle being a perfect young lady.
(p.19) Who is tom?
1. the oldest boy.
2. leader of the pranks on annebelle.
(p.19) Who is hatty?
1. one of the younger children.
2. a tatle tale.
3. wanted to be apart of everything.
(p.21) What does flounces mean?
ruffles of a dress.
(p.24) What does jet mean?
(p.25) What does chinking mean?
narrow cracks in the walls.
(p.26) What does hoyden mean?
a boisterous girl, a tomboy

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