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ABeka History 11 - Chapter 3 - Terms


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Scots-Irish (p. 49)
people of Scottish descent who migrated to Northern Ireland in the 1600s
"bread colonies" (p. 52)
a name for the middle colonies, which produced an abudance of grain
domestic system (p. 54)
manufacturing done in the home
triangular trade routes (p. 54)
ships sailing from the New England colonies usually stopped at two distant ports before returning to New England
Harvard College (p. 55)
founded by the Puritans of Massachusetts in 1636
OleÂ’ Deluder Satan Act (p. 55)
required all towns of at least 50 families to hire a teacher to te3ach their children to read and write
New England Primer (p. 56)
the most widely used textbook in colonial America; contained word lists, poems, prayers, Bible stories, and other character-building stories
subscription libraries (p. 58)
only those who contributed to their support could borrow books
Poor Richard's Almanac (p. 58)
published by Ben Franklin; containded meteorological and astronomical information, simple proverbs, and sound advice couched in good humor
Boston News-Letter (p. 58)
first regularlypublished weekly newspaper (1704); published by the colonial government
New-England Courant (p. 58)
first privately published newspaper in America (1721); published by James and Ben Franklin
Wilderness Road (p. 64)
the trail that Daniel Boone and a group of frontiersmen cleared through Cunberland Gap
post roads (p. 64)
roads which connected larger cities; used by mail carriers
bicameral (p. 67)
composed of two houses

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