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ABeka History 11 - Chapter 3 - People and Places


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Benjamin Franklin (p. 58)
prominent American statesman who encouraged the founding of libraries in America; also perhaps the best-known American scientist of the colonial era
John Eliot (p. 57)
Puritan missionary called the "Apostle to the Indians"; translated the Bible into the language of the Algonquin Indians
John Peter Zenger (p. 59)
German printer and editor of a New York newspaper; his trial in 1734 set an important precedent for freedom of the press in America
Philadelphia (p. 50)
the largest city in the colonies for a time; had 25,000 people by 1760
Daniel Boone (p. 64)
American frontiersman who explored the Appalachian Moutains and blazed the Wilderness Road through the Cumberland Gap; helped other pioneers establish settlements and protect their new homes
Boonesborough (p. 64)
a fort Daniel Boone had built to protect the settlers from the Indians

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