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ABeka History 11 - Chapter 2 - People


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(23) John Wycliffe
Protestant reformer who exposed false doctrines of the Roman church; had the Bible translated into English for the first time in the 14th century.
(23) William Tyndale
Protestant reformer who gave England the first printed English Bible in the 16th century
(23) Henry VIII
English king who broke England's ties with the Roman church in the 1530's
(24) John Cabot
Italian navigator who explored the eastern coast of North America for England in 1497; first explorer in the Modern Age to set foot on the mainland of North America
(24) Sir Martin Frobisher
English explorer who was sent in search of the Northwest Passage
(25?) Sir Francis Drake
embarked on a three-year voyage that was to make him the first Englishman to sail around the world in 1577
(26) Sir Humphrey Gilbert
English sailor who set out for the New World in 1578
(26) Sir Walter Raleigh
Englishman who explored the coast of Virginia and North Carolina in 1584; sent colonists to establish a settlement on Chesapeake Bay in 1587
(26) John White
Englishman sent by Sir Walter Raleigh to establish a settlement on Chesapeake Bay; founded the Roanoke colony
(26) Virginia Dare
first English child born in the present-day United States
(27) Captain John Smith
English adventurer who took charge of the Jamestown colony in 1608 and saved it from destruction
(28) Powhatan
powerful indian chief near Jamestown; father of Pocahontas
(28) John Rolfe
English settler who married the Indian princess Pocahontas; taught the Virginia colonists how to grow tobacco
(29) Nathaniel Bacon
wealthy young plantation owner who insisted that frontiersmen were entitled to the same protection as established colonists in Jamestown; led a rebellion against Governor Berkeley in 1676
(30) John Robinson
Separatist pastor of an independent church in Scrooby, England; led a group of about 300 to the Dutch city of Leyden in 1609
(30) Sir Edwin Sandys
English Puritan nobleman who helped the Pilgrims secure a patent from the London Company to settle within its Virginia territory
(32) Squanto
American Indian who aided the Pilgrims as a guide and interpreter
(32) William Brewster
pastor of a Pilgrim congregation when they founded New Plymouth
(32) John Carver
first governor of Plymouth colony
(33) William Bradford
governor of Plymouth colony for over 30 years; wrote "History of Plymouth Plantation," the first American history book
(34) Miles Standish
non-Separatist who served as commander-in-chief of the Pilgrims' military defense force
(34) John and Priscilla Alden
influential non-Separatists at Plymouth; John Alden held various political offices
(35) Charles I
English king who vowed to rule without Parliament; issued charter for the formation of the Massachusetts Bay Company
(35) John Winthrop
wealthy Puritan businessman who served as governor of the Massachusetts Bay colony
(37) Thomas Hooker
Puritan pastor who left Massachusetts and helped found Connecticut
(38) Roger Williams
Congregationalist minister who was banished from the Massachusetts Bay colony for disagreeing with Puritans; founded Rhode Island
(39) Anne Hutchinson
known as "a woman of ready wit and bold spirit"; she was banished from Massachusetts for disagreeing with Puritan authorities on matters of religion
(40) Sir Edmund Andros
English nobleman appointed royal governor over the Dominion of New England
(40) George, Cecilius, and Leonard Calvert
English Catholics who carried out the project of colonization in Maryland
(42) Henry Hudson
English sea captain who explored the Hudson and Delaware rivers for the Dutch East India Company in 1621
(42) Peter Minuit
Dutch colonist who purchased Manhattan Island from the Indians for trading goods worth about $24.00
(43) Peter Stuyvesant
the feisty Dutch governor of New Amsterdam who stamped his wooden leg and insisted on fighting the English in 1644
(43) James II
Duke of York who became king of England; proprietor of the New York colony
(44) Sir George Carteret and Lord John Berkeley
two English noblemen who founded New Jersey
(44) William Penn
wealth English Quaker who founded Pennsylvania
(45) James Oglethorpe
wealthy Englishman who founded Georgia as a refuge for debtor prisoners that wanted to work and pay off their debts

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