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ABeka History 7 - Unit 1, Chap. 1 Checkup


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(9) How much did man learn from the flood?
He learned little.
(7) What is a culture?
the way of life of a group of people
(7) What is the most important part of a culture?
How people relate to God
(7) Which culture tends to be stronger in world history, Cain's or Seth's?
(7) Why do we begin our study of world history with the book of Genesis?
Genesis is the most reliable source for what we need to know about the beginning of world history.
(7) Why is man special to God?
Man alone was created in the image of God.
(7) List three special characteristics of man.
(1) language and thought; (2)awareness of the difference between right and wrong, and (3) freedom to make choices
(7) What was the first human sin? What impact did it have on world history?
Adam and Eve ate of the forbidden fruit. The impact is: (1) the husband rules the wife; (2) childbirth is painful; (3) work is tedius and difficult; (4) men die; and (5) all men have a sin nature.
(9) Why did God send the flood?
The earth was so filled with evil that God in His justice could no longer tolerate it.
(9) What are two names for the place where the survivors of the Flood settled?
Shinar, Sumer
(9) What event resulted in the confusion of languages and the dispersion of people into many nations?
the building of the tower of Babel
(9) What is a nation?
a large group of people who think of themselves as one and act in history as a unit

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