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ABeka Lit 7 - Chap. 1, p. 08-13 - I meet the Sheriff


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Who was the author?
Ralph Moody.
When and/where did the story take place?
Fort Logan, Denver
What is the theme of the story?
Take responsibility for your own actions.
What Significant event happened?
When ralph set the trap to catch a praire dog, and instead cought a pheasant(a bird that was illegal to kill)
What is the main charachter's name?
1. Ralph - scared, learning.
2. Father- Honest, responsible, upright.
Where did ralph go to find the Sheriff?
The last chance saloon
What did the Sheriff order for Ralph to drink?
Burch beer (root beer)
What was the name of Ralph's horse?
What is a winnower?
A machine used to seperate the chaff from grain.
what is a hoosegow?
wester slang for jail.
What is Ballad of Reading Gaol?
a poem by Oscar Wilde about a man's suffering in jail.
What is Birch Beer?
A beverage like root beer.
Why di Ralph's father think he neede to go to the Sheriff?
Because all the men in jail ran from the law because they had committed a small crime.
What was father's advice? Was it good advice?
to go to the sheriff. Yes

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