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What are the rods you are seeing on your ear cytology (which you do for every otitis case of course)?
1) Pseudomonas
2) E. coli
3) Proteus
4) Klebsiella
Scabies genus in cats?
What form of demodex is contagious in cats?
Demodex gattoi
Do acute otitis externa cases require systemic antibiotics?
Hardly ever.
Name the structure attacked in bullous pemphigoid.
Hemidesmosome; which adheres the epidermis to the dermis.
What is the skin lesion of hepatocutaneous syndrome?
Necrolytic migratory eythema (in humans)
What topical antimicrobial penetrates follicles and is hydrolyzed by bacterial lipases to lactate and ethanol which kill bacteria, is degreasing, and comedolytic?
Ethyl lactate
What common organism is chlorhexidine not effective against?
Name the structure attacked in pepmphigus foliaceus and vulgaris.
Desmosone (Hemidesmosome is incorrect; see Bullous pemphigoid)
Name 2 topical steroids used in the treatment of pruritus.
Betamethasone - Otomax© & gentocin spray
Hydrocortisone (0.5-2%) - Resicort©

The following are absorbed systemically:
Dexamethasone in Tresaderm©
Triamcinalone in Panalog©
What is the antifungal agent in Otomax©? How about Conofite?
Otomax = clotrimazole
Conofite - miconazole
What do you need to do about localized demodicosis?
Nothing really. You can try benzoyl peroxide but can't prevent from becoming generalized.
4 differentials for focal or patchy alopecia.
1) demodicosis
2) chyletiellosis
3) dermatophytosis
4) bacterial pyoderma (focal)
Condition common in standard poodles & northern breeds with alopecia.
Sebaceous adenitis. Trichogram shows dead cells around root not washed out by normal sebaceous gland function.
Hairless only in black-haired regions ...
Black hair follicular dysplasia
Head mange in cats; are the mites easy to find?
Yes. you should find mites.
How do you diagnose Chyletiella?
1) fecal float (from grooming)
2) trichogram
How do you treat chyletiella?
1) Revolution©
2) Lime sulfur dip
3) Weekly ivermectin
Most common gram- isolate associated with otitis externa?
Pseudomonas aeruginosa
Name 2 common differentials for alopecia.
1) demodicosis
2) dermatophytosis
Scabies distribution in cats?
Head (head mange)
The scabies triad?
What do yeasts look like on cytology?
What do you treat cats with scabies (head mange) with?
1) ivermectin weekly SQ
2) Selemectin (Revolution©)
3) Lime sulfur
What fills the lesions of pemphigus foliaceus as apposed to vulgaris?
Vulgaris = serum
Foliaceus = suppurative exudates (pus)
What is the treatment of choice for Demodex gattoi in cats?
lime sulfur dips
What is walking dandruff?
What should you think of demodicosis in an older dog?
What would you see on a trichogram in a dog with dilutional alopecia?
clumps of melanosomes along the hair shaft which are weak points.
Why don't we use ivomec cattle prep in cats?
The propylene glycol can cause heinze body anemia.
Enrofloxacin has gram+ and gram- dosages ... what are they?
(+)5 mg/kg SID
(-)22mg/kg SID
3 things you want to do with cases of otitis media.
1) flush (anesthesia)
2) culture & sensitivity
3) systemic antibiotics
What is in Otomax© ?
What is in Tresaderm© ?
non-pruritic, symmetrical, hyperpigmented alopecia which may wax and wane seasonally in a Boxer?
Cyclical flank alopecia
Name 5 topical drugs for pseudomonas.
1) Silver sulfadiazine (Silvadene)
2) Polymyxin B
3) Enrofloxacin
4) Tobramycin
5) Amikacin
Two conditions associated with lack of hair regrowth?
Give 3 options for treating generalized demodicosis.
1) Amitraz dip (only FDA approved treatment)

2)Daily ivermectin 300-600μg/kg PO SID x 1 month (build up to final dose)then rescrape. Treat one month beyond negative scraping.

3) Milbemycin (Interceptor) (dunno the dose and protocol)
What ear product has silver sulfadiazene in it?
Baytril otic.
Most common yeast found in dogs and cats?
Malassezia pachydermatis
What is the most common cause of hotspots?
Flea Allergy Dermatitis
Name 3 underlying causes of chronic otitis externa?
1) allergy (atopy, food)
2) conformational
3) cushings/hypothyroidism
4) Nasal polyp in cats with unilateral OE
How do yo treat scabies?
1) Revolution© every 2 weeks for 3 doses
2) Ivermectin weekly for 4-6 doses
3) Milbemycin
4) lime sulfur dips
How do you approach treatment of a hotspot?
1) Clip
2) Dry (with an astringent)
3) Oral antibiotics if folliculitis present concurrently
Most common bacterial isolate associated with otitis externa?
Staphylococcus intermedius
What causes scabies incognito?
As scabies progresses, the sensitivity becomes a hypersensitivity and so is less proportionate to the mite load.
What diagnostic is indicated when otitis media is suspected but the tympanum or a tympanic rupture cannot be visualized?
Radiographics studies of the bullae.
Name 2 topical anesthetic therapies for pruritus.
Pramoxime 1% - Relief©
Lidocaine 1% - Dermacool©
Name some antimicrobials for topical use for otitis.
Silver sulfadiazine (Silvadene)

Baytril otic (no steroid)

Neomycin - Tresaderm(+dex +thiobendazole)

Gentamycin - Otomax (+clotrimazole +betamethasone), Gentacin otic
Name 3 PRACTICAL categories of otitis
1) Acute otitis externa (swimmer's ear)
2) Chronic/recurrent OE (Cocker's ear ;)
3) Otitis media
The 3 most common species of Staphylococcus on canine skin?
S. intermedius
S. hycus
S. aureus

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