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Police Disposition Codes


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Placed in detox
Traffic accident report submitted
Supplement report submitted
VTNIR completed
Juvenile report for cases NOT involving a felony or misdemeanor arrest
Evidence Technician report submitted
Recovered stolen vehicle and/or property
A Alpha
Unable to locate complainant or verify incident
B Bravo
Assist motorist, handle traffic problem or provide traffic control/escort
C Charlie
No such address
D Delta
Not a low enforcement problem, referred to proper agency
F Foxtrot
Peace restored
E Echo
Incident verified, perpetrators gone upon arrival
G Golf
Advised warrant or legal action or assistance
H Hotel
Advised to contact police if repeated or returned
I India
Transported victim, witness, citizen
J Juliet
Returned to home or family
K Kilo
Assisted other police unit/agency or performed supervisory function
L Lima
Accessory report submitted
M Mike
Uniform traffic/Parking citation issued
N November
Subject fled (veh), officer did not pursue
O Oscar
Misdemeanor citation (NTA) issued
P Papa
Other miscellaneous police service rendered
Q Quebec
Field Investigation Report Made
R Romeo
Premises checked, found secure
S Sierra
Premises checked, secured by owner or his agent
T Tango
Call canceled by complainant
U Uniform
Operator copy/driver's exchange issued, no report required
V Victor
Truant placed in School Attendance Center
W Whiskey
Written warning/Faulty equip citation or Alarm Violation Notice issue
X X-Ray
Perpetrator contacted, advised to cease and desist
(Includes verbal traffic warning)
Y Yankee
Follow-up investigation completed, no report submitted
Z Zulu
Administrative clear
Report written
(Gen or alarm citation)
Misdemeanor physical arrest made
(adult or juvenile)
Felony arrest made
(adult or juvenile)

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