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Adrenergic Antagonists


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What are the most prevalent side effects of alpha antagonists
postural hypotension, reflex tachycardia, nasal stuffiness, inhibition of ejaculation
This alpha blocker forms a covalent bond, is somewhat selective, and treats pheochromocytoma
This non-covalent alpha blocker is used to "diagnose" pheochromocytoma and has a rapid onset,
What are its side effects and what are they due to?
Phentolamine - tachycardia, arrhythmias, angina, diarrhea
NE increase
This selective blocker is used to treat hypertension by relaxing arterial and venous smooth muscle,
What is its first dose effect?
Fainting w/in 30-90 due to low baroreceptor response and sympathetic outflow
What are analogs for prazosin?
What is their half life?
Terazosin, and doxazosin. 12 hrs
What is an additional use for prazosin?
Urinary retention due to prostatic hypertrophy.
What other medication with a half life of 9-15hrs is used to treat prostate hypertrophy
What is Raynaud's syndrome?
It is a painful disease that causes peripheral vasospasm affecting the extremities
Name some therapeutic uses for alpha blockers
hypertension, pheochromacytoma, shock, Raynaud's syndrome, urinary obstruction
What are 3 uses for Beta-adrenergic blockers?
hypertension, angina pectoris, cardiac arrhythmias
How do Beta-adrenergics lower BP?
What is the result in normal individuals?
Via the heart, blood vessels, renin, or CNS.
No dec. in BP
How do B-adrenergics treat angina?
They lower the episodes and inc exercise tolerance by lowering cardiac work and oxygen demand
How are cardiac arrhythmias treated by B-adrenergic drugs?
Lower the recurrence of MI's, and the size of the infarct
What are some undesirable effects of B-adrenergic drugs?
CHF, bronchoconstriction, mask hyperthroidism and hypoglycemia, inc. serum triglycerides, cold extremities, and depression
What occurs with an abrupt withdrawal of B-blockers?
inc. BP, inc angina, and inc MI's
The increase is due to an increased amount of Beta receptors that are hypersensitive
This nonselective B-blocker is used to treat hypertension, angina, and arrhymias
What some of the actions of propanolol?
What makes it so effective
dec. HR, CO, O2 consumption, BP, myocardial contractility, renin release
It can cross the BBB
This B-blocker treats hypertension, dec. infarct size, and glaucoma.
What are its side effects?
From eye can be absorbed systemically and may cause bronchiolar constriction
This B-blocker is long acting (16hrs), and some of it crosses the BBB and is metabolized. It can treat hypertension, angina, and prevent migraines.
This B-blocker has local anesthetic properties and fewer negative lipid changes?
These class of drugs are preferred in asthmatics and diabetics
Beta-1 Selective Blockers
This B1 blocker is given IV and has a half life of 10mins.
These two drugs are both a and B adrenergic antagonists?
Which one treats heart failure, mitogenesis, and causes vasodilation
Labetalol and Carvedilol
What is an odd illness that B-blockers are used to treat?
Ethanol withdrawal
Name the four antiadrenergic drugs studied that are NOT receptor blockers?
Which one does not cross the BBB?
Which one acts on alpha-2 receptors in the CNS?
Bretylium, reserpine, guanethidine, alpha methyl dopa
- guanethidine
- alpha methyl dopa
What are the side effects on the non receptor blocker antiadrenergic drugs?
Postural hypertension, sedation, depression, inc. GI motility, impaired ejaculation, and inc. blood volume
Name two B-1 blockers that treat hypertension, angina, and MI's.
Which has local anesthetic properties?
Atenolol, and Metoprolol

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