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Course 6e-Air Force


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How do the supervisory roles of a sergeant, staff sergeant, and technical sergeant differ?
Differ only in scope and span of control.
How do NCO's meet their responsibility in termos of the appropriate level of proficiency?
By attaining and measuring their skill level equal or commensurate with their rank. By maintaining a high degree of proficiency in their rank.
Why does Air Force leadership require knowing your job as well as knowing yourself?
Because subordinates are more likely to follow a competent supervisor who has knowledge to complete a mission than one who does not. Knowing your own strengths and weaknessnes gives you infor you need to improve as an Air Force Leader
How does Fostering teamwork within your unit affect your effectiveness as an Air Force leader?
Teamwork is necessary in most instances to accomplish this mission.
Why should NCO's provide feedback to subordinates in casses other than mandatory sessions?
Because feedback is most important at the time you see that the behavior is marginal or substandard. Positive feedback is important in other than regularly scheduled as well.
As a supervisor, how might your visiting dining and recreation facilities, chapel, dormitories, and open messes affect your subordinates?
Helps them adjust to the military environment because you are aware of the problems they may face.
How does being a representative of management affect a supervisor's behavior regarding policies handed down by higher management?
Once a decision has been made, supervisors should comply and not let subordinates know personal preferences regarding such policies.
Why is cooperation with fellow supervisors important to you as an NCO supervisor?
Cooperating and coordinating within fellow supervisors is necessary to accomplish the mission.
Why is remaining loyal and supportive of your supervisor necessary to effective supervision?
If you aren't, you undermine discipline and morale within your work center.
In terms of the function sof management, why is evaluating the situation necessary early in the planning phase?
You can discover if you have adequate personnel, materiel, space and time to get the job done.
Why is devising an alternative plan necessary in the management process?
Because conditions often change and time for replanning.
When organizing, why is devising an organizational structure important to managing a project?
Structuring creates the channel through which orders travel and determines the assignment of responsibility.
How does the capability of your subordinates affect your span of control?
More capable subordinates can accomodate a large span of control. Delegation of authority is possible.
How does the volunteer type of direction differ from the demand, request, and suggest types?
It is the only one that implies a choice.
How do coordinating and directing basically differ?
Coordinating is based on friendly persuasion of mutual cooperation.
Directing is based on the authority delegated to the person responsible for performing a task.
How does a manager ensure that controls used are functioning properly?
By ensuring controls are as simple as possible, no duplication exists. Controls are timed properly. No more reports than needed and that controls do not interfere with the mission.

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