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4th and 5th declension 2


undefined, object
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Nominative plural
Small houses
parvae domus
Nominative Plural
Brave bands of men
audaces manus
Accustive Singular
Faithful senate
Fidelem senatum
Ablative Singular
Beautiful figure
pulchra facie
Ablative Singular
With much faith
cum multa fide
Ablative Plural
Many horns
multis cornibus
Accustative plural
Happy laughter
felices risus
Nominative Plural
Bad days
mali dies
Accusative singular
The best army
optimum exercitum
Accusitive singular
Clear thing
claram rem
Ablative Singular
Swift arrival
celeri adventu
Ablative Plural
Sharp hope
acribus spebus
Accustive Plural
Beautiful appearances
pulchras species
Genitive singular
Of a pleasing sound
grati sonitus
Genitive Plural
Of long lines of battle
longarum acierum
Genitive Plural
Of easy faiths
facilium fiderum
Dative singular
To a large line of battle
magnae aciei
Accusative plural
Sharp heats
acres aestus
Ablative Plural
Good middays
bonis meridiebus
Genitive singular
Of a swift pace
celeris passus

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