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Ch 19 Light


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X Rays
Have a shorter wavelength and higher frequency that ultraviolet radiation.
tiny, particle-like bundles of radiation.
visible radiation
or light, is the only part of the electro magnetic spectrum you can see.
ultraviolet radiation
has a higher frequency than visible light, so its photons are more energetic and have greater penetrating power then photons of visible light.
opaque material
absorb or reflect all light, and you cannot see objects through them.
a colored material that absorbs some colors and reflects others.
Diffraction Grating
Is a piece of glass or plastic made of up many parallels.
The bending of waves around a barrier.
Electromagnetic Radiation
Electromagnetic waves produced by the motion of electrically charged particles.
Fluorecent Light
Produces light without excessive loss of thermal energy.
Gamma Rays
Have the highest frequency and are the most penetrating of all electromagnetic waves.
Incandescent Light
Produced by a thin wire called a filiment.
Infared Radiation
Has a wavelength slightly longer than visible light.
Radio waves with the highest frequency and energy.
Process of varying radio wves.
Transparent Materials
Allow light to pass through and you can clearly see objects through them.
Translucent Materials
Allow light to pass through, but you cannot clearly see objects through them.
The bending of waves caused by change in their speed when they move from one medium to another.
Occurs when a wave strikes an object and bounces off.
Radio Waves
Have long wavelengths and low frequencies.

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