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Water Unit - Word Bank


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What is the term for a liquid earth material?
What is a characteristic of a material or an object, something that you can observe such as color, smell, and taste?
What is the term for when water soaks into another material?
What shape are the drops of water as they fall through air?
Water forms balls or "beads up" on some materials; Water has no shape of its own, because water takes on the shape of the container that holds it.
Does water do the same thing on all surfaces?
Water is absorbed by some materials and beads up on others
Does soap affect surface tension?
Soap weakens surface tension. The evidence is the flattening and spilling of the dome with far fewer drops than with pure water.
What is surface tension?
Surface tension is what makes water appear to have a skin. Surface tension is the ability of a liquid to pull itself together into the smallest possible area, forming a skinlike surface. (sphere- curved surface of the water)
What is the shape a drop of water takes when it is on a flat surface?
a dome
Why does water form a dome on flat surfaces?
Surface tension makes water form a sphere or dome
What is a slope?
a slanted surface
Which moved faster down the slope, small water domes or big water domes?
Bigger domes of water move down a slope faster. Water flows faster down a steep slope.
What happens to the water in a thermometer when it is cooled?
Water contracts (takes up less space), making the liquid column shorter.
What happens when you put hot water in a container of room-temperature water?
the hot water moved up and floated on top of the cooler water; hot water is less dense than room-temperature water
What happens if you put cold water in a vial/container of room-temperature water?
Cold water remained in the vial because cold water is denser than room-temperature water.
What does less dense or more dense mean?
If an object floats in water, the object is less dense than water; if an object sinks in water, the object is denser than water.
What happens when ice is put in water?
Ice floats in liquid water; cold water from the melting ice sinks.
What happened to the wet paper towel in the cup without a lid?
Wet materials become dry when exposed to air. The drying process is evaporation.
What happened to the water in the paper towel that dried out?
Water changes into a gas called water vapor, and goes into the air.
What is water vapor?
Water vapor is still water, but it is in the form of a gas instead of a liquid. The tiny particles of water are so small that they become part of the air.
What does seriate mean?
Seriate means to put objects in order by one property, like amount of water left.
What is a thermometer?
A thermometer is a tool used to measure temperature.
What is surface area?
Surface area is the area of a liquid exposed to or touching the air.
In which container did the most evaporation happen?
The most water evaporated from the flat lid because the flat lid had the greatest surface area.
What is the water cycle?
Water from the oceans and other bodies of water evaporates, becoming water vapor in the air. The water vapor cools and condenses, falling back to Earth in the form of rain or snow. The rain falls into rivers and flows to the ocean, soaks into the ground, or is used by plants. Any water exposed to the air will evaporate to continue the cycle.
What roles do evaporation and condensation play in the world-wide recycling of water?
Evaporation puts water in the air. Condensation turns the vapor back into water, which falls to Earth as precipitation and keeps the global water cycle operating.
Which earth material soaked up the most water?
The soil soaked up the most water.
What happens to water when it is added to different earth materials?
It soaks into some materials, like soil, and runs through other, like gravel.
What is the part of the waterwheel that the water pushes as it moves downward?
The blade
What is the part of the waterwheel that the blades turn?
The shaft
How does a waterwheel work?
Flowing or falling water pushes on the blades, making them move. If the blades are attached to an axle, the water turns the axle.
What is water quality?
Water quality describes the level of purity of a sample of water. It determines the category of use to which water can be assigned, such as drinking, bathing, irrigation, and so forth.
Why does water quality vary?
Different materials dissolve in water and affect its quality.
Which is denser, water or ice?
Ice is less dense than water. When ice freezes, it expands. Solid water (ice) which has expanded, is less dense than liquid water. It will float.
What happens to water in a thermometer when it is heated?
Water expands (gets bigger or takes up more space) making the liquid column longer

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