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CD Burning


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What is CD-DA format?
CD-digital audio format.
What is AIFF?
Audio Interchange File Format - an uncompressed audio file format.
What are the bit rate guidelines for recording MP3s?
128Kbps is the industry standard.
Classical is better at 192-384 Kbps.
Voice or audiobooks can be turned down
to 96 or 64Kbps.
What does MP3 stand for?
MPEG-1 Audio Layer 3.
MPEG stands for Moving Pictures Experts Group.
How much space would a 40MB uncompressed audio file take using MP3 compressed format?
The same 4-minute song that takes 40MB
uncompressed takes only 4MB.
Where would you see CD-DA format?
When you look at an audio CD in Windows Explorer.
What is the file extension for CD-DA format?
What is ripping?
Converting the tracks of a CD into PC audio files.
How much space might a 40MB uncompressed audio file take up using the WMA compression format?
What are the 3 main digital music file types?
.wma, .mpeg, .wav
What is bit rate?
The number of bits a codec uses to represent one second of audio.
How much uncompressed audio can a 650 MB CD hold?
74 minutes.
What is transcoding data?
Translating data from one file format into another.
What is a .wav file?
Abbreviation for waveform.
An uncompressed digital audio format.
What is codec?
Stands for compressor/decompressor.
Software that compresses data and/or
transcodes data from one file format to another.
What is a .wma?
Windows Media Audio. A compressed audio format.
How much file space might an uncompressed audio format take up per minute of audio?
up to 10MB.
How much uncompressed audio can a 700MB CD hold?
80 minutes.
What is an uncompressed audio file?
Audio file that contains most of the original audio information from the original recording.
What is sampling rate?
The frequency at which a codec takes a reading of an audio waveform.
What is a compressed format?
What is burning?
Copying audio files onto a CD.
How much can an MP3 encoded at CD-quality store?
1 minute of audio in approximately 1MB.
Which audio file types are compressed?
How many hours of CD-quality music can you burn onto a CD using WMA or Mp3PRo compression?
Approximately 26 hours.
How much space might a 4-minute song take up uncompressed?
40 MB.
How much more can an MP3 at CD-quality store in 1MB than an uncompressed format?
4 times more.
What is the normal sound frequency range for humans?
20Hz to 20,000Hz. Sound waves vibrating at less than 20 times per second or more than 20,000 times per second will be inaudible.
How does MP3 audio compression work?
Leaves out unnecessary data such as noise
audio that's pitched too high or low for human ears
redundant sounds such as notes that
are the same in both stereo speakers.

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