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4th and 5th declension nouns


undefined, object
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For the strong heat (Dat. Sing.)
forti aestui
From the quick army (Abl. sing.)
celere exercitu
Neither of the sounds (Gen. pl.)
neutrorum sonituum
For late arrival (Dat. Sing.)
tardo adventui
Beautiful faces (Nom. pl.)
pulchrae facies
Of many things (Gen. Pl.)
multarum rerum
The best sights (Acc. pl.)
optimas species
Another arch (Nom. sing.)
alius arcus
For good use (Dat. sing.)
bono usui
With all the fruit (Abl. sing.)
omne fructu
violent noises (Acc. pl.)
vehementes strepitus
Of the noble senate (Gen. sing.)
nobilis senatus
My trust (Nom. sing.)
mea fides
With one hand (Abl. sing.)
una manu
The tenth battle line (Acc. sing.)
decimam aciem
New advantages (Nom, Pl.)
novi usus
Fast paces (Acc. Pl.)
celeres passus
From suitable homes (Abl. pl.)
idoneis domibus
Great commotion (Acc. sing.)
magnum tumultum
the happy day (Acc. sing)
felicem diem

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