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Coco Can't Wait 2


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One one
I have one pet.
We have one girl in the class.
One boy got 100% on the
spelling test.
Top top
The car went to the top of the hill.

I like to play with my toy top.
Very very
I have a very, very big house.
Much much
Coco wanted to see Grandma very much.

It snowed too much this winter.

We like you very much.
Here here
Put your book here.

Here are your oranges.
Coco was not here.
Will will
"I will go see Coco," said Grandma.

Will Grandma see Coco?
Fill fill

fills filled

Fill the basket with apples and oranges.

The basket is filled with apples.

Coco fills the basket for Grandma.

Who is filling the basket for Grandma?
Hill hill hills
Coco's house is on top of a very big hill.
Hello hello
Grandma will say hello to Coco when they meet.

Coco said hello to Grandma when they met.
Want want

wants wanted
Coco wants to see her Grandma.

Grandma wanted to see Coco.
Live live

lives lived living
Grandma lives on the top of a mountain.

Coco is living on top of a hill.

Where do you live?
Coco has a grandma that she wants to see very much.
Purple purple
The roof of Coco's house is purple.
Orange orange
Coco likes to eat oranges.

An orange is the color orange.
Ate ate
Coco and Grandma ate apples and oranges for lunch.
Under under
We ate the apples and oranges under the tree.
Right right
I got ten spelling words right on the test.

My book is right under the table.

It fell on the right side of the table.
Dear me! Coco isn't here.
How how
How come you are not in class?

This is how we can play kick ball.

How are you today?
Time time
What time do we have bedtime.

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