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'an ' Family Spelling


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an An
An apple is red.
can Can
I can see you?
Can you see me?
man Man
The man can see you.
You can see the man.

The man likes me.
The man likes you.
1. Dan is a man.
2. The man is Dan.
3. Dan can see you.
4. Dan can see me.
5. Dan likes the cat.
6. The cat liks the man Dan.
Fan fan
1. A fan is green.
2. Is the fan green.
3. I like the fan.
4. I like the green fan.
1. Jan sees Dan.
2. Dan can see Jan.
3. Jan likes Dan, the man.
4. Dan the man likes Jan.
Ran ran
1. Dan the man ran.
2. Jan ran.
3. The cat ran.
4. The rat ran.
5. I ran.
6. You ran.
Tan tan
1. The cat is tan.
2. The rat is tan.
3. The can is tan.
4. Is the cat tan?
5. Is the rat tan?
6. Is Dan tan?
7. The tan cat ran.
8. The tan rat ran.
Van van
1. The van is tan.
2. The van ran.
3. The van is Jan's.
4. I like the tan van.
5. Dan, the man likes the tan van.
6. Can I see the tan van?
Pan pan
1. See the tan pan.
2. I can see the pan is tan.
3. Jan can see the tan pan.
4. Jan can fan the tan pan.
5. Can Dan fan the pan?
6 Is the pan in the van?

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