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Chapter 23 - The New Deal


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New Deal
- proposals and programs adopted by FDR in response to the Great Depression
- included social and economic programs and changes in gov't regulation
"fireside chats"
- when FDR went on the radio a spoke to the nation
- eased the nation
Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
- insured all deposits up to and including $5,000
- Civil Works Administration
- public works programs
- gave the unemployed jobs building or improving roads, parks, airports, and other facilities
- tremendous morale booster to all its 4 million employees
Civilian Conservation Corps
- put 2.5 unmarried male workers into forest, beach, and, park maintenance and restoration projects
- FDR's favorite program
Hundred Days
- First 100 days of FDR's presidency
- FDR pushed a number a bills through congress
Indian Reorganization Act
- ended sale of tribal lands
- restored ownership of unallocated lands to Native American groups
National Industrial Recovery Act
- sought to bolster industrial prices and thus help businesses and individuals
- allowed trade associations in many industries to draw up codes to regulate wages, working conditions, production, and even prices
Federal Securities Act
- required full disclosure of information about stock offered for sale
Securities and Exchange Commission
- regulate the stock market
Federal Reserve Board
- regulated the purchase of stock on margin
Tennesee Valley Authority
-helped farmers and created jobs in one of the countries least modernized regions (Tennessee)
- provided cheap electrical power, fllod control, and recreational opportunities to the entire Tennessee River Valley
Francis Perkins
- became Secretary of Labor
- one of almost 30 women who held key New Deal positions
Eleanor Roosevelt
- FDR's wife
- traveled widely for husband, campaigning for all the New Deal ideas
- held her own press conference
Emergency Banking Act
- authorized the gov't to inspect the financial stability of all banks
Social Security Act
- established a system that provided old-age pensions for workers
- survivors' benefits for victims of industrial accidents
- aid for independent moms and children, and the blind and the physically disabled
Congress of Industrial Organizations
- formerly known as the CIO
- organized the nation's unskilled workers
- sent organizers into trades
Works Progress Administration
- constructed or improved more than 20,000 playgrounds, airfields, schools, hospitals
- suported the creative work of many artists and writers
- provided work for more than 8 million citizens
- an African-American organization
Agricultural Adjustment Aministration
- regulated farming

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