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Bet You Can't


copy deck
let's let up
Let's both get in the basket.
Let us both get in the basket.
get ,Get
Can you get the basket,
so we can clean up.
wet, Wet
If you play in the rain and snow you will get wet.
It's bedtime at 8:00 pm.
are Are
We are hiding in the basket.
We met at the park last week.
from From
I'm hiding to get away from you.
get Get
I will help you get all the toys
got. Got
What have you got in the basket?
away Away
I am putting away the toys.
jet Jet
The jet can fly into the sky.
it's it is
It's bedtime now.
can't can not
I bet we can't lift the basket.
I'll I will
I'll help you clean up.
I will help you clean up.
I'm cleaning up the toys.
net Net
I got a butterfly in my net.
Why, why
Why are you cleaning up?

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