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When did Aristophanes live?
450 - 385 BC approx., in Greece
What kind of cultural events happened in the 5th century?
tragedy and comedies at winter festivals of Dionysus
What elements constituted Greek theater?
chorus, dancers, actors wearing masks
What were the tones of Greek plays?
burlesque and parodic, and an implicit serious theme
What does Aristophanic mean?
that criticizes instutions and personalities, poetry along with obscenity, face and wit.
What are the main characteristics?
humor, wit, quality
Excellent fooling, sexually and scatologically explicit, coarse humor and exquisite wit combined with lyric poetry of a high quality and comic plots of starling audacity.
Difficult words
Andromache (ke)
Myrrhine ('ree)
Why is Lysistrata a twin-plot play?
Women gain peace, and withold sex (humorous)
Why is this play still relevant nowadays?
411 BC
sex is universal
the urban center
establishment of peace
What characteristics of old comedy does it have?
exotic and fantastic plot (to make it
more competitive in festivals)
What specific aspects of that time can you notice?
No participation (women) end up taking
over as expression
Old women taking over Acropolis (symbol
of power) - inversion
Play wasn't feminist. Women only wanted to have parties and sex.
What historical fact is shown?
Sicily-Italy bet Athenians
"You've emptied our city of our men"
What does the play imply about the
As the Sparthans had won the war, the
author uses coded lgge to make fun of
them. Lysistrata examines spartan woman
like a horse (dehumanizing)
What was the reaction to the play?
It was not received well. Its explicit/obscene lgge, it provoked and exposed hypocrasy, used chocking aspects
What is the inversion in Lysistrata?
Women controlling the city. Function of making a point (such as Animal Farm and Planet Ape). Inversion works as an archetype
What male characteristics can we find in Lysistrata?
rational, leader, not part of the sex thing, voyer side (away from sexuality), doesn't express sexual
desire, only feminine charact. is to want men to recover power.
How did Lysistrata treat other women?
She treated them as sexual objects
(another male characteristic)

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