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Oceanorgraphy 2003


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Igneous rocks
Form from the cooling of the magma; consisting of Basalt(from Oceanic crust) and Granite(from Continental crust.)
First to determine that the earth's surface moved by observing volcanoes.
What is the Outer core made of?
Liquid iron.
What is the Inner core made of?
Solid iron
First time keeping instrument created by Cook.
Bejamin Franklin
Discovered that wind patterns can cut time of traveling ships by using the wind currents.
Matthew Maury
"Father" of Oceanography
Eukaryotic cells
Single or multi-celled organisms containing a cell membrane, plasma, nucleus, and unique organelles.
Prokaryotic cells
single-celled organisms containing only a cell membrane, plasma, and a DNA region
What is the crust?
The thin portion floating on mantle fluidity.
Pacific Islanders
Master Seamen! First to travel the ocean while Europeans still believed the world was flat.
Sedimentary rocks
Rocks made from other rocks or marine organisms.
Relative Dating
The use of rocks or soil to determine the age of fossils.
Remote Sensing
Technological advancement where satellites are used to map the topography of the ocean by taking temperature readings at various depths and current movements.
Scientific benefit of WWI
RADAR-echo location first descovered by U-boats and scattering layers.
What is the Earth composed of?
Inner core; Outer core; Mantle; and Crust
Metamorphic rocks
Rocks formed at the Earth's crust in mountains where magma is at surface; result from transformation at high temperature and pressure.
First to determine the earth's circumference. rXt=d
First map-maker
What is the Mantle?
A jello type layer of the earth that lies between the crust and the core.
First to use latitude and nautical instruments by refrencing to the moon and sun.
Feed on others i.e. bacteria
Oceanic Crust
More dense, thinner, younger, lies underneath the continental crust.
Vine and Matthews
Proved that mantle was excreting from the rifts.
Who created the compass?
The Chinese
Middle Ages
Most information was lost in chaos provided by Ceasar.
First to make a map with the use of longitude(N to S) and latitude(E to W). Only had 3 continents: Africa, Asia, and Europe.
Continental Drift Theory
Developed by Wegener saying that all the continents fit perfectly into each other. large land mass and one large body of water.
First to "find" N. America in 1492; really found the Carribeans.
Sailed to N. America as a ray of light in the dark world. Eric the Red and Leif Eriksson.
De Gama
First to go completely around Arfica which helped trade incredibly.
Copernicus and Galileo
Developed theories on planets and bodies in motion.
First to reach the tip of Africa.
Fisrt for circumnavigate the globe except he died on board and they kept him til the end!
What is the Big Bang Theory?
A theory that states that our universe originated approximately 20 billion years ago from a huge explosion; from a really small amount of matter at extreme high density and temperature.
Newton and Leibnitz
Created calculus.
Da Vinci
Brought perspective of the water level changing due to his discovery of shells far on land.
Continental Crust
Less dense but thicker and lies above the oceanic crust.
First to work of seawater chemistry.
Self-feeders i.e. plants, bacteria
Described pathways of motion on the surface of a rotating sphere.
Absolute Dating
The use of radioactive isotopes, that decay at predictable rates within organisms, soils, and fossils, to determine age.
Developed plate tectonics
Cell Theory
All cells come from other cells.
Came up with the biological naming process that can be understood universally.
ROV(remote operated vehicles)-attatched to a mothership; AUV(autonomous underwater vehicles)-not attatched to a mothership.

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