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Allez, viens french II


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comment ca s'est passe?
how did it go?
oh la la!
oh no!
j'ai du mal a compondre
i have a hard time understanding
avoir une mauvaise note
to get a bad grade
to fall
c'etait incryable!
it was amazing/unbelievably bad!
Ca n'a pas l'air d'aller
you look like something's wrong
Tu ne dois pas faire le clown en classe!
You can't be goofing off in class!
c'est inadmissible
that's unacceptable
c"etait incryable!
it was amazing/unbelievably bad!
ca s'est tres bien passe!
it went really well!
recevoir le bulletin trimestriel
to receive one's report card
rendre les interros
to return tests
entendre le reveil
to hear the alarm clock
Tell me!
t'en fais pas
don't worry
Quel week-end formidable!
what a great weekend!
comment s'est passe ton weekend?
how was your weekend?
Quelle week-end!
What a (bad) weekend
c'est pas mon jour!
it's just not my day!
ca va aller mieux
it'll get better
Tu dois mieux travailler en classe.
you have to work harder in class
...,c'est mon fort. my strong point
Quelle journee formidable
what a great day!
c'est en ... que je suis le/la meilleur(e).
I'm best in...,
to lose
hang in there!
Quelle journee!
What a (bad) day!
je suis pas doue(e)pour...
I don't have a talent for...
Ne recomence pas!
Don't do it again!
rater le bus
to miss the bus
Qu'est-ce qui se passe?
What's going on?
Pauvre vieux/vieille!
you poor thing!
tout a ete de travers!
Everything went wrong!
je suis assez bon (bonne) en...
I'm pretty good at...
rater une marche
to miss a step
J'ai passe une journee horrible!
i had a terrible day!
c'etait incroyable!
it was amazing/unbelievably bad!
Well done!
c'est pas de chance, ca!
Tough luck!
comment s;est passe to journee (hier)?
how was your day (yesterday)?
etre colle(e)
to have detention
passer une journee epuvantable
to have have a horrible day
c'est pase grave
it's not serious
Qu'est-ce qui t'arrive?
What's wrong?
to rip
comment se sont passees tes vacances?
how was your vacation?

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