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Convergences: Anne Sexton and Betty


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"a stifled upbringing"

p. 38
definition: stopped or held back, as in a stifled yawn

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"confessional poetry"

p. 37
definition: to admit to or disclose something; to tell the truth

con = together; fess = admit

own sentence/new context:
plaster doll

p. 43
definition: an old-fashioned kind of doll with no (cut out) eyes; it was made of plaster and broke easily

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"a puritanical upbringing"

p. 39
definition: like a puritan; American and English protestants with a reputation for strictness and being judgmental

p. 38
definition: a relative or kinsperson who lived and died during an earlier period

an = ante= before; ces = to go (a person who "went" before one was born)

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"The intimate details divulged in Sexton's poetry..."

p. 44
definition: revealed, told,

meaning parts: vulg = common people (to tell to everyone, to the common people)

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p. 43
definition: fake

meaning parts:

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p. 45
definition: to sit or stay still while someone takes or paints a picture

pos = place or position (to place or position oneself in a certain way for a photograph or painting

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"a contemporary artist"

p. 45
definition: modern, living at the same time that the reader or listener also lives

con = together; temp = time (living at the same time)

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"deviating from the usual form or content"

p. 37
definition: to move away from, go a different way

meaning parts: de = down or away; via = way or road (to go a different way that takes one away from the usual path)

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