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ABeka Science 6-5.1 - 5.2


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A wave consisting of an electric field and a magnetic field vibrating at right angles to each other.
electromagnetic wave
What is a telescope?
It is a device to make distant objects appear clearer or closer.
Who was Galileo?
He an Italian who was the first astronomer to make extensive use of a telescope in his study of the heavens.
What is a reflecting telescope?
A telescope that uses mirrors to produce an image.
What is reflection?
The turning back or turning aside of any wave when it hits an obstacle.
What is refraction?
The bending of any wave's direction at the boundary between two wave media.
An invisible region in which electrically charged objects may be attracted or repelled.
electric field
What are pulsars?
Stars producing rapid bursts of radio waves, in some cases hundreds of times per second.
What speed does electromatic waves travel at?
186,000 miles per second. (or about 670 million miles per hour.)
Who was Sir Isaac Newton?
The developer of the reflecting telescope.
What is the Hubble Space telescope?
The medium sized telescope that can "see" without any atmospheric interference and produce images of great clarity.
A region in which certain objects are attracted or repelled by a magnet.
Magnetic Field
What Scottish scientist discovered electromagnetic waves in the 1800s?
James Clerk Maxwell
What is frequency?
How fast the wave oscillates.
What is a wavelength?
the length of one complete wave or cycle of oscillation(measured from crest to crest or trough to trough).
What is the electromagnetic spectrum?
All the the different types of electromagnetic waves together, when arranged according to frequency and wavelength, make up this spectrum.
What is a spectroscope?
A device that astromoners use to split light into a spectrum for analysis.
What is the simplest possible telescope?
The simple combination of two convex lenses called a refracting telescope.
What is the refracting telescope?
A telescope that uses lenses to gather light and form an image.
What is commonly referred to as the speed of light?
The important number(speed) that electromatic waves travel at.
What are radio telescopes?
Instruments that collect radio waves from space; they allow us to study the heavens using portions of the electromagnetic specrtrum that are invisible to the human eye.

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