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A Beka Science 9 - 11.2


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What is a coelacanth?
It is a lobe-finned fish.
What are whole-specimen fossils?
They are an entire animal preserved nearly intact by freezing, dessication (drying out), or entrapment in a bog or tar pit.
What is circular reasoning?
A process in which evidence drawn from a particular assumption is used to "prove" that assumption.
What are Print fossils?
Animal tracks, outlines of leaves and feathers, and imprints of skin in mud preserved when the mud hardened into rock: Print fossils can reveal the design of a bird's feathers, the structure of leaves and plants, or even the pattern of a dinosaur's hide.
What is a trilobite?
A small, extinct marine crustacean.
What is called paleontology?
The study of fossils.
What is a plesiosaur?
A dinosaurlike sea creature thought to have become extingct 65 million years ago.
What are fossils?
Fossils are the remains or impressions of plants, animals, and humans preserved in sedimentary rock.
What are the four major eras?
1)Precambrian Era
2)Paleozoic("ancient life")Era
3)Mesozoic("intermediate life")Era
4)Cenozoic("recent life")Era
What are Mold fossils?
Fossils that are formed when mud buries a plant or animal and quickly hardens, leaving a hollow mold, or impression, in the rock when the organism decays.
What are eras?
Major time divisions in the geologic column; each era covers several hundred million years.
What are Petrified fossils?
Animal buried by water and sediments; minerals in the mud replaced or strengthened the structure of the fossil, preserving it.
What are index fossils?
fossils that are considered characteristic of a specific period and are used to identify rock layers in the field.
What are anomalies?
fossils that are commonly found in the "wrong" order in apparently undisturbed strata.
What is radiometric dating?
A technique evolutionists use to assign "absolute" ages to rocks and fossils; this technique is based on the fact that radioactive elements decay into other elements(known as their "daughter" elements) at relatively constant rates.
What are Resin fossils?
Fossils that are formed when leaves and other plant parts, insects, or frogs and other small animals are trapped in large masses of tree sap, which later harden into a rocklike substance known as amber.
What is the geologic column(also known as the geologic time chart)?
An arrangement of rock layers supposedly charting the course of the earth's history, with the earth's earliest history at the bottom.

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