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A Beka Science 9-10.2


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What is a rockslide?
a landslide consisting primarily of bedrock.
Deposits of sand, gravel, or other sediments that were washed off the under surface of a glacier by streams of water(melted glacial ice)
(a) Kettle lake
A kettle that was filled with water
Large holes left from the melting of huge chunks of glacial ice lodged in till or outwash.
What is abrasion?
Abrasion is the sandblasting action of windblown sand; it is antoher important effect of wind erosion, especially in rocky, desert regions.
A heap or ridge of till left by a retreating glacier
Ice Age
What the period of widespread glaciation is commonly refered to as.
A huge bowl-shaped depression in a valley where the valley glacier began, that was scooped out by the glacier itself.
What is a rockfall?
A more gradual, but still hazardoes, form of mass wasting; this type of landslide occurs when individual rock fragments break off the sides of a steep cliff.
Ice caps
Small ice sheets
What is strip-cropping?
Alternating strips of
erosion-prone crops with strips of erosion-preventing crops.
Low hills that are till smoothed by a glacier advancing again over the top of the old till.
Sand dunes are?
Huge heaps of loose, windblown sand; common in deserts and near beaches.
Continental glaciers
Vast sheets of glacial ice that cover huge areas of relatively flat land.
What are breakwaters?
Objects designed to reduce the force of waves.
Deep grooves and scratches in the bedrock produced by large, hard rocks pushed by a glacier.
What are blowouts?
shallow hollows or depressions that are formed from the constant motion of the sand.
A thick ice sheet that slowly moves under its own weight.
What is deflation?
It is the removal of loose particles of sand and soil by the wind; the most important effect of wind erosion.
Broken rocks that are dumped onto the ground when a glacier partially melts, or retreats, during warmer weather.
What is the leeward side?
the side facing away from the wind.
Valley glaciers
also called Alpine glaciers; small highland glaciers that are very numerous.
What are Transverse dunes?
dunes that lie in straight lines perpendicular to the direction of the prevailing winds; these dunes resemble ocean swells or waves.
deep cracks or fissures in glacial ice
What is mass wasting?
The downslope movements of rock and soil caused by gravity.
A sharp steeple-shaped point that previously was a mountain peak until three or more cirques cut into it.
Cresent dunes are?
sickle-shaped dunes which are the most common type.
What is loess?
Huge deposits of clay and silt over a large area.
An avalanche is?
A landslide that involves ice and snow.
What is soil creep?
The most widespread form of slow mass wasting; th very slow downslope movement of soil and rock fragments.
What are landslides?
Sudden slides of huge masses of rock or soil down a slope.
Mudflows are?
Rapid movements of loose, water-saturated soil.
What is terracing?
Modifying a smooth slope into a series of level, stairlike steps.
What is a debris slide?
One type of landslide; it involves rock fragments, soil and other loose materials.
What is desert pavement?
The remaining barren, rocky surface, common in some windy desert regions after most of the loose surface materials have been blown away over years.
Parabolic dunes are?
arch-shaped dunes that are similar the cresent dunes except they face the opposite direction.

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