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Biology Ch. 4 A view of the cell


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The control center of the cell
A sac of fluid surrounded by a membrane

bubble-like structure that stores water and dissolved minerals

it stores food, enzymes, and other materials needed by a cell
"Powerhouse of the cell,"

releases energy
An organelle that packages and ships proteins

is composed of closely stacked, flattened sacs

resembles smooth ER in appearance
Golgi complex/Golgi bodies
DNA tangles
short hair-like processes on the plasma membrane of certain cells of an organism that assists in locomotion
Traps light and used to make food for plant
Controls entry of substances into and out of the cell
Plasma membrane or cell membrane
Contains pigments or stores food
Membrane surrounding the nucleus
Nuclear membrane
The material that fills the cell and contains the organelles.

Jelly-like material between the nucleus and the cell membrane.
makes food for plant cells

a plastid in plants that converts light into usable energy
ER that has ribosomes attached to
Rough ER
Cells that contain a highly folded system of membranes

eukaryotic cells
a small structure attached to the ER

the small structure on which proteins are made

Makes proteins or site of protein synthesis
A folded membrane that forms a network of interconnected compartments

where proteins are assembled and transported

the cell's internal transport system

Endoplasmic reticulum
The organelle that recycles waste in the cell

is round and contains digestive enzymes

digests excess or worn-out cell parts, food particles, invading viruses, or bacteria

"clean up crew" of the cell

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