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Biology Chap. 21


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in what phylum is ulva
What is sporangia?
reproductive cells that produce haploid zoospores by meiosis
what is the function of the macronucleus
contains fragments of chromosomes for routine cellular functions
What phylum is red tide in?
explain the process of phagocytosis
phagocytosis is just a type of endocytosis where the particle being engulfed is a peice of another cell or living organism
What does the contractile vacuole do?
it empties water out of a cell
in wahat phylum is the protist that is used in making choc milk found
What is volvox known for?
lots of cells together- colonial (chlorophyl)
wha does a paramecium eat
small food particles taken by cilia in oral groove
What is leishmaniasis?
A diseasse in which the infected person gets skin sores from sand flies.
in what phylum is volvox
What phylum are the largest algae in the world (kelp) in?
what phylum of protists is found in tooth paste
Describe the pellicle,
flexible, proective
what is the function of the micronucleus
contains cells chromosomes
What phylum of organisms move by cilia?
means fire algae
What is the function of the nucleus?
holds DNA, is the brain
what is a feder canal
entrance to cell
What is red algae used for?
cosmetics, gelatin tablets, cheese, agar, shakes, chocoalate milk, frosting
in what phylum is the protist used that helps make cosmetics
What is a haploid?
having only one set of chromosomes
in what phylum isgolden brown algae
What phylum are brown algae in?
how is waste expelled
What is the function of an eyespot?
to detect sunlight
what is the funnel shaped depression in the ventral surface
oral groove
Can protozoans move on their own, or are they parasitic?
they can move on their own
what phylum is red algae in
What is found in the ectoplasm?
what phylum of protists is found in detergents
In general, what color are organisms in the phylum chlorophyta?
where does the oral groove lead
food zacuole
What are the characteristics of the plasma membrane?
very flexible, no cell wall
how does paramecium move
they pulse their cilia and spin through the water
How do algae respond to sunlight?
positive phototropism (moves towards light)
what phylum is kelp an example of
What does the lysosome in an amoeba contain?
digestive enzymes
in what phylum is the protist that auses red tide
What phylum are phosphorescent algae in?
pyrrophyta (dinoflagellate)
in what pylum is green algae
What is chagas' disease?
a disease caused by a bite from an infective bug (severe heart damage)
in what phylum is bioluminescene
What phylum are dinoflagellates?
in what pylum is euglena
What is a diploid?
a cell containing two homologues of each chromosome
in what phylum is chlamydomonas
What phylum are pseudopods in?
in what phylum is spirogyra
What is merozoite?
the 2nd stage of plasmodium (protist divides and produces millions of cells)
What phylum is algae in?
What is amoebic dysentery?
when amoebas feed on intestinal lining
Are protozoans animal like/plant like?
animal like
What is responsible for the formation of pseudopodia?
What sub-kingdom act like plants, vary in color, are named by color, live in water/ a damp place, includes phytoplankton
Where are carbohydrates stored?
food reserves
How do algae reproduce?
What are photosynthetic, unicellular protists woth unique double shells made of silica
Do algae move like a plant/ an animal?
an animal
What is gametocyte?
the 3rd stage of plasmodium (infects humans)
What phylum is golden algae in?
What do chloroplasts do?
capture sunlight to make sugar
What do algae move with?
What is a gamete?
A haploid cell that participates in fertilization by fusing with another haploid cell
Are algae unicellular/multicellular?
mostly unicellular
What is sleeping sickness?
a disease from a bite from infected insects (fever, weakness)
What are dinoflagellates surrounded with?
How does the euglena produce organic materials?
What kindom includes organisms that are unicellular/multicellular, move on their own/with help, form colonies, are animals/plants, are sometimes autotrophic
what is found in the endoplasm of an amoeba?
nucleus, contractile vacuole, food vacuole, digestion vacuole, etc.
what phylum of organisms have no means of movement (are parasitic)
sporozoa (plasmodium-malaria)
What is conjugation?
the temporary union of two protists to exchange nuclear material
Do dinoflagellates have toxins?
yes, gonyaulax, gymnodidium
What are two main characteristics of euglena?
eyespots, pellicle
Are protozoans autotrophic/heterotrophic?
What are zoospores?
haploid cells that result from mitosis of a single cell protist that developes flagella and ciliaand ultimately breaks out of the parent cell
What phylum is red algae in?
How are wastes eliminated in an amoeba?
How do dinoflagellates move?
two flagella
How does euglena move?
Where do trichonympha live?
in the digestive system of termites
Describe the food chain.
a pathway of energy in ecosystem
What is a sporozoite?
one of the 3 stages of plasmodium (mosquitos)
What phylum are diatoms in?
What is anemia?
a condition in which red blood cells' production slows down
What is a zygote?
a fertilized egg cell
What is giardiasis?
a disease caused by contaminated water (cramps, nausea, etc.)
What are producers?
organisms the make food from energy
What is toxoplasmosis?
a disease caused by uncooked meat (brain damage, blindness, death to a fetus

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