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Photo I final


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What is Framing?
leading the viewer's eye to the main subject
What is another word for film speed?
What is Formal Balance?
Both sides of the picture are equal/similar in weight
What film speed do we normally use?
ISO 400
What is Selective Focus?
Focusing only on the subject.
The faster the film, the more visible the ___________.
What is the Rule of Thirds?
Dividing the picture plane into thirds both vertically and horizontally, the subject is then placed on one of the meeting points.
Which aperture has larger depth of field - f2 or f22?
What is the film developer called?
Which is faster, ISO 400 or ISO 50?
ISO 400
What does the fixer do?
Fixes the image permanently to the print/negative
What shutter speed is faster- 1/60 or 1/1000
Too fix an area that is too dark in your print, you can____________.
What does the shutter do?
controls the amount of light by time the shutter remains open
How do you meter for high contrast?
Meter the subject up close.
What are the four major camera types?
What is another word for aperture?
What does the aperture do?
Controls the amount of light entering the camera by the size of the aperture opening
Having the camera follow the subject in action is called ______________.
List the aperture scale.
What are three ways you can mat your prints?
dry mounting, bleed mounting, and over matting
What camera type do we use?
SLR, single lens reflex
Define density.
Density is the amount of silver in a certain area of the negative or print.
What does SLR stand for?
Single Lens Reflex
Name two pieces of equipment needed for a long exposure
tripod and cable release
List the shutter speed scale.
What types of gray does the camera read for?
Middle Gray
What can happen if you do not carefully wash and dry your negatives?
scratches, stains, dust
The lens or pinhole opening causes the light rays to ____________.
To fix an area that is too light on your print, you can __________.
What is depth of field?
The part of the picture that is in focus
Who created the first easy-to-use camera?
George Eastman
What does overexposed fil look like?
Black, dense, hard to see through
What is contrast?
The difference between the light and dark tones on a print or negative
Who created the first photograph?
Joseph Niepce
Light rays that hit the film surface is called______________.
Circles of confusion
Film development controls ___________ and _____________.
density and contrast
What does underexposed film look like?
thin, hard to see, clear
What is the hot shoe used for?
to attach and sync the flash
What are the four parts of the film?
anti-hallation coating, base, bromide,protective coating
What is the most common problem in the darkroom?
What is the "B" setting stand for?
What two camera functions share a dial on the camera?
ISO and shutter speed
A normal lens has the same view as _________________.
Human eye
What kind of printing paper do we use in this class?
How long do we develop film for?
11 minutes
What is cropping?
Cutting out a part of the print by enlarging the negative.
What two things does focal length control?
magnification and angle of view
What is a photogram?
A contact print that uses objects placed on the photo paper
What is the paper developer called?
What does E = I x T stand for?
Exposure = Intensity x Time
What is spot tone used for?
to fix small spots on the print
Name a subsitution reading.
gray card, palm of hand, something similar
What is Brracketing?
bracketing is making several differnce exposures of the same subject
What temperture should the chemicals be at?
68-72 degrees F
What is the lowest shutter speed that you can hand hold a camera?
How do you rewind the camera?
press the rewind button and turn the rewind crank

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