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Chaslyn Ch. 11


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A work schedule in which employees set their own hours of work
Agreement between competitors on the price range of products
Price Fixing
Code of values; standards for conduct
Time taken when a child is born or adopted
Parenting Leave
Using knowledge obtained as a result of your position for personal gain
Insider Abuse
The act the protects workers againstseveral types of job discrimination
Civil Rights Act of 1964
Nonprofit banking services
Credit Unions
Laws that provide for payments to injured workers
Workers' Compensation Laws
Formal, periodic, written evaluation of job performance
Merit Rating
The act that established a tax-sponsored pension and disability insurance plan
Social Security Act
The act that requires employers to pay equal wages for equal work
Equal Pay Act of 1963
Part-time, temporary, contractual, and leased employees
Contingent Workers
Businesses with no competition
One-day company-sponsored training sessions
Laws that make monopolies illegal
Antitrust Laws
Forms of compenstaion other than salary or wages
Fringe Benefits
Reporting wasteful or dishonest company activities to the government
Whistle Blowing

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