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Chaslyn Ch. 07


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A good way to meet several potential employers at one time
Job Fair
Any serice that helps a job seeker find employment
Employment Service
A summary of a job seeker's work experience, education, and training, and proven skills
Lists accurate information about you that is important to emplyers
Personal Data Sheet
Information about an organization that is hiring
Job Lead
Lists jobs you have held in chronological order, beginning with the most recent
Chronological Résumé
The type and number of jobs available
Job Market
Groups qualifications by functions
Functional Résumé
The process of seeking employment
Job Search
A preliminary interview to eliminate unqualified canidates
Initial Screening
Using personal contacts to find a job
A letter of introduction to a specific job opening
Cover Letter
People who recommend you to an employer
A person applying for employment with a specific company
Job Applicant
Abbreviations used in newspaper job advertisements
Job Jargon

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