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Baby Whales Drink Milk


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What type of animal is a whale?
It is a mammal.
What is a blowhole?
A hole at the top of a whale's head to breathe through.
Why do whales swim south to the warmer water?
The cold water begins to freeze which could harm the baby whales when they are born.
How does the mother whale take care of her baby?
It keeps it near her as she swims. She has special muscles which produce milk to feed the baby. It keeps the baby by her for a year.
How are whales different from fish?
Whales are born from their mother's bodies alive, while fish hatch from eggs.
List three more details about mammals?
1. have fur or hair
2. Need to breathe oxygen
3. Mothers feed their babies milk
4. Warm-blooded
5. Largest brain of all animals
6. 4 limbs
7. senses
8. Heart pumps blood throughout body.
9. Many mammals have tails
10. Skeletons
Are mammmals warm-blooded or cold-blooded?
Where do whales live?
They live in the ocean.
How many months does it take for a Humpback baby to grow in its mother's body?
One year
Why does a whale spout?
It has to blow air out of the blowhole to breathe in fresh air into its lungs.
Baby whales are about the same size as what kind of boat when they are born?
A canoe
How would describe the size of whales?
They are huge or very big.
How can you tell the whales, dogs, and horses are mammals?
They feed their babies milk from their bodies.

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