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What is the role of midges in sewage treatment?
feed on algae + sediment
Comple changes in the composition of bottom-dwelling communities, as measured both ____(1)_____ and _____(2)_____ will reflect either nonoptimum or intolerable quality shifts.
1.) qualitatively
2.) quanitatively
Water flows discontinuous during parts or year
Describe the problem with monitoring water chemistry of fishes:
It reflects the quality of water only at times of samples taken.
Different respiratory types of aquatic insects and describe
Contact air-water, extended air-water (tube), air bubbles, underwater stream, gills, submerged
Fleshy, Unsegmeneted, leglike or lobelike structure, usually in pairs
Crawl on various surfaces of such substrates
Name 7 reasons why an environmental impact study involving aquatic organisms should be conducted:
1.) Create a reservior
2.) Dredge a stream
3.) Construct power plant cooling facilities.
4.) Construct sewage treatment plants
5.) Construct factories which devliver potentially toxic effluents into a river or lake
6.) Mining or deforestration activities
7.) Spraying chemicals over wetland and forests.
Fixed or floating inorganic or organic object
Who formalized AE into a discipline?
James G. Needham
Using the picture key:
The user is given ___a___ alternatives. Choose the ___b___ that applies to the insect under study.
Orders will generally key out more than ___c___ end point in the key. This is to accommodate the varios ___d___ and the la
a - 2
b - alternative
c - 1
d - stages
e - degree
What is the role of aquatic flies in sewage treatment?
Prevent surface film of ooze.
bottom dwellers - on or around substrate
How does AE interact with the food web?
Terestrial + aquatic organisms heavily forage on both aquatic + terr. stages of aquatics.
Water beatles + bugs
What are some car related problems that come with aquatic insects?
They could get stuck or lay eggs in car finishes
burrow in soft-bottom substrates
Bottom-dwelling insects maintain a relatively ____1____ position in the aquatic environment
1.) stable
Reside in plant stem root systems; moss
What is the role of bacteria in sewage treatment?
promotes breakdown of sewage
benthic insects that cling to substrates
Name 3 insect born diseases
1.) Malaria
2.) Encephalitis
3.) Yellow Fever
live at or near water surface
What is the role of algae in sewage treatment?
eventual by-product
One of the ports or lenslike division of a compound eye
What is the role of the World Health Organization (WHO)?
To control pests!
What is a bioassy?
Biological indicators used soley for the purpose of targeting toxins in streams, etc
Wing pad
Developing or sheath of developing wing
How does AE interact with other disciplines?
Many aquatic flies are of importance as disease vectors. AE interacts with medical entomology + parsitology.
How many species of Ephmeroptera are found in NA north of Mexico?
Over 700
Name 6 insect pests that bite man
Black, Sand, Horse, Deer Flies, Mosquitoes, and Biting Midges
Explain forage ratio:
%of food

% of same food item available in fishes environment
Shed exoskeleton + grow new one.
Robust, often acute, unsocketed outgrowths or extension of
Cast skin
The shedded exoskeleton
Dorsal surface of a body segment
Water flows continually throughout year
What is the difference b/w growth and maturation?
Growth - increase in size
Maturation - morphological + psychological growth

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