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Dental Occlusion


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What is vertical dimension?
1) the height of the lower third of the face
2) the distance between the upper and the lower arches
Define articulate (2)
1) to join together as a joint
2) the relating of contacting surfaces of the teeth in the maxilla and the mandible
Is CR a reproducible position? Define CR:
It is the maxillomandibular relationship in which the: (2002 definition)
1) CONDYLES articulate with the Thinnest portion of their respective disks
2) The disks are in the ANTERIOR/SUPERIOR position against the articular eminences
3) Restricts the patient to purely rotational movement
What are the three general parts of the TMJ?
1) Upper fixed component
2) Lower movable component
3) An interspersed fibrous disc with associated fibrous and muscular attachments
What is "Freeway space"?
That is the difference in distance between VDO and VDR

2-4 mm
What are the three main categories of mandibular positions?
1) MI
2) CR
3) Eccentric positions or movements
Define Protrusive movement:
The forward or anterior movement of the mandible.

Requires or involves translation of one or both condyles
Define Occlusion (2)
1) Act or process of closure
2) The STATIC relationship between the incising or masticating surfaces of the teeth
what are the two types of vertical dimension?
1) Vertical dimension of Occlusion: distance between max and mand when teeth are in MI
2) Vertical Dimension at Rest: Distance between the max and mand when in physiological rest position
What is a dental articulator?
a mechanical instrument that represents the TMJ and the Upper and lower jaws.
It functions to simulate how the lower jaw moves in relation to the upper jaw
What is lateral protrusive?
A protrusive movement of the jaw in which there is a lateral component
Name two basic mandibular movements.
1) hinge axis movement
2) "Translation"
What happend with the condyle of the non working side?
1) Shifts medially the same distance .5-1.5 mm
2) moves anteriorly and inferiorly along ARTICULAR EMINENCE

3) Produces the BENNETT angle
What are the four components of the stomatognathic system?
1) neuro muscular
2) dentition
3) Right TMJ
4) Left TMJ
What is Mediotrusion?
The movement of the condyle medially (non working side movement)
What is the max opening in hinge movement?
25 mm (measured from incisal edges)
What is a Bennett angle?
The angle created between the protrusive pathway and the non-working pathwath of the CONDYLE
When you combine hinge and translation, how far can you open?
Average is in the area of 50mm
What is Laterotrusion?
Condylar movement ont he working side
What happens in the condylar region in working side?
Think about Bennet movement

1) shifts laterally .5-1.5mm
2) Rotates in a posterior direction
What is Centric occlusion:
Used to refer to MI (Only in ideal occlusion).
It is the occlusion when the mandible is in Centric Relation
What is mutually protected occlusion?
1) Anterior teeth protect posterior teeth and vice versa
What is Centric Relation (CR)?
A position which is NOT base on Tooth to tooth contact.

Based on anatomical structures of the TMJ

What discludes the posterior teeth in incisal acts?
the anterior guidance
What happens if you have a greater degree of condylar guidance? Lesser?
The greater/lesser degree of posterior tooth disclusion
What is physiological rest position?
PR represents the normally relaxed state of the lower jaw. It hangs open 2-3 mm.

Force of gravity is equal to the neuromascular tonality of muscles of mastication
What is working side movement?
Lateral movement of the jaw toward the chewing side
What are non-working side contacts?
UNDESIRABLE (natural dentition)
Contacts of the teeth on the side opposite toward which the mandible moves in articulation

"Balancing contacts" in full dentures
What are eccentric positions?
Off center movements or positions.

1) Protrusive
2) Lateral
3) Medial
What is condylar guidance?
It refers to angulationand curvature of the bony structures of TMJ

These are FIXED
What determines protrusive movement?
1) condylar guidance
2) anterior guidance
What happens with a greater horizontal overlap (overjet)?
The further the lower incisors will have to travel before contacting the lingual surfaces of the upper incisors

A later and lesser disclusion of the back teeth
What is MI?
Maximum intercuspation:

Refers to a TOOTH-TOOTH postion

"Swallow and stay closed"
What is Canine guidance?
The canines will guide the lateral protrusive movement and DISCLUDE all other teeth and guide the teeth back into occlusion
What happens with an overbite?
That is a greater vertical overlap, therefore the greater the amount of disengagement

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