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AIX admin course 1


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how do you check the block size on a tape?
use the tctl command with the -f flag the tape name and the status subcommand. ex: tctl -f /dev/rmt0 status
what does the errlogger command do?
allows the admin to record messages...
what is the bosboot command used for? give an example of the command.
to create a boot image. bosboot -ad /dev/rmt0.1
what does smit stand for?
system management interface tool
when a system boots, what is the 1st process that is ran?
what are the 3 phases of the AIX boot process?
1. Hardware initialization.
2. Base Device Configuration.
3. System Boot
what does a flashing 888 code on the lcd mean?
serious hardware problem
what does the /usr/sbin/shutdown script do?
it runs the killall command to terminate all processes. it then runs the sync command to clear memory, unmounts the file systems, and finally invokes the halt command.
what command would you use to rewind a tape?
tctl -f /dev/rmt0 rewind
what are the common shutdown flags and what do they do?
-r reboot
-F quick shutdown with no warning to users.
-m brings the system to maintenance or single user mode.
+{Time} number of minutes to shutdown in
Message broadcast message
what does command errpt get you?
the error log... usually hardware or software... sometimes informational
when you shutdown an AIX system, which script is ran?
what is ODM
Object Data Manager
list the mksysb command options.
-X Expands the /tmp file if needed
-i Creates the / file
-m Creates the / file and the physical partition maps
-e Excludes the files and directories
-v Lists files as they are backed up
-p Ensures that files are not packed as they are backed up
-b Shows how many 512-byte blocks to write in a single ouptu operation
what is the command to attain the attributes of a file?
which group is the default group for all users created in the system?
what command is used to edit ODM files?
when AIX is installed, where are the details of the BOS installation held?
in the file. this is located in /var/adm/ras directory
what command can you use to rewind a tape to the beginning?
tctl -f {device} rewind
what does the run level Q or q mean?
tells the init command to re-examine the /etc/innitab file.
what is the typical command to change the block size of a tape?
chdev -l rmt0 -a block_size=###
how can you create a backup from the command prompt?
mksysb command
what is an LPP?
licensed program product. an lpp is a complete software product collection including all packages and filesets required. the BOS is an example of an lpp
what are the minimum hardware requirements?
terminal must be attached. system unit must be unlocked with the system key. all users must be logged off a multi user system. 32mb of ram, 380mb HD
what is the ODM for?
it is designed to maintain system and device configurations and vital product data. it is a binary database used by aix for configuration information, which is then used by the dynamic kernel.
what is the lsuser command used for?
list the attributes of all | a user
what is held in the /etc/security/roles file?
a list of valid roles
how do you check how much space is available in the root volume group?
lsvg rootvg command
how is the /etc/security/roles file manipulated?
with the commands:
what is a fileset?
the smallest individually installable unit. it is a collection of files that provide a specific function.
what is a package?
contains a group of filesets with a common function.
what is a command you could use to list the attributes of a device?
lsattr -E -l {DEVICE}
which command sets the control information of a file?
what is the instfix command used for?
allows you to install a fix or a set of fixes withou knowing any info other than the APAR number given to you by the support center
what are the standard fileset suffixes?
.adt, .com, .compat, .data, .dev, .diag, .fnt, .info, .help, .loc, .mp, .psg, .rte, .smit
what is the
tctl -f /dev/rmt0.1 fsf command used for?
this command brings the tape to the end of the first image
aix filesets follow a standard naming convention. give an example.
lpp * package * fileset * suffix
each software component is divided into three parts, what are they and why?
root, usr, and share. this is done to support code serving and diskless workstations.
what is a bundle?
a bundle is a collection of packages and filsets suited for a particular environment.
describe the backup levels
level 0 is a full.
level one is an incremental that is a backup of all files that have changed since 0, level 2 since one and so on.

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