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Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain information


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What is Durer's device?
A frame with a grid attached through which an artist can look at a scene or model to draw the foreshortening accurately
What is a blind contour drawing?
A drawing in which the artist looks only at what is being drawn and not at the paper at all
Define texture
The roughness or smoothness of something
What is the purpose of preliminary drawings?
To compare to later work as a measurement of student growth.
What is binocular vision?
Seeing with both eyes
Who is the author of Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain?
Betty Edwards
What is the purpose of the vase face drawings?
To experience the shift from left to right mode in drawing both parts of the vase face
What are the elements of design?
Line, shape, value, texture, color
What is sighting in perspective?
Seeing something like a room corner in comparison to imaginary vertical and horizontal lines in order to judge angles and size relationships
What is negative space?
The area around and behind objects, people, and other positive shapes in art work
Name three activities from the book, besides drawing that cause a shift to the right brain from the left mode.
1. reading 2. listening to music 3. jogging
Why is it important to try upside down drawing?
Because turning a picture upside down causes the left brain to relinquish control. It cannot identify or name the parts of the drawing it sees, so the right mode is free to look at the spaces and shapes before it
What is the scribbling stage in drawing?
When a young child around age one and a half picks up a crayon, or other mark making item and makes random marks on whatever surface is available
Why do children stop drawing?
Because they can't make images look "real" enough
Who is Kimon Nicolaides?
Author of The Natural Way to Draw who introduced the technique of contour drawing

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