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What federal agency manages more than 300 areas within the National Parks System?
National Parks Service
What agency provides assistance ro farmers, homwowners, and consumers using the most current research from NC State and A&T State through the offices of _________.
Cooperative Extension Service
What agency helps protect the nation's birds, mammals, fish, and other wildlife?
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
The agency that administers programs by funding agriculture activities is the ______________.
Farm Service Agency
This agency works to manage and protect forest land while promoting its best use:
U.S. Forest Service
What agency helps to protect soils from erosion by helping to develop conservation plans for landowners?
Natural Resources Conservation Service
What agency enforces NC fish and wildlife regulations?
North Carolina Wildlife Services
The federal agency that manages federal grasslands, prairie, desert, forest, and other open spaces is the:
Bureau of Land Management
What agency operates NC state parks through the Department fo Environmental, HEalth and Natural Resources?
Division of Parks and Recreation
What governmental agency determines standards and enforces federal environmental laws?
Environmental Protection Agency

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